Men's Tip: Basic Fashion Mistakes That Every Man Can Avoid


There are few very common mistakes that sound very small but can ruin the entire look of a man. Even if you get everything else right, these blunders can turn all your efforts fruitless. Fixing these mistakes is the most important part of fashion. These mistakes are so minute that it becomes difficult to figure out exactly where you went wrong. The phrase, "prevention is better than cure", applies here as well. It is better to avoid them as it might get difficult to fix them once they are committed.

These basic mistakes that render the entire look are listed below.

1. Baggy clothes
Wearing clothes that don't fit are the most common mistake among men. You must have come across situations when you wonder why a particular cloth doesn't look as good on as it is looking on others. The reason behind this is the wrong fit of the same. So, then next time you face this problem consider changing the size rather than the outfit. Not only this, properly fitting clothes is important for feeling comfortable. Right from your undergarment to the jacket or coat that you are wearing, everything should fit you perfectly.  

2. Footwear
The footwear is the reflection of the personality of a person. Wearing something that does not match your outfit is a blunder that most of the guys commit. Clean shoes can effortlessly add a spark to your look and outfit. Wear a pair of clean as well as well-polished shoes and you can figure out the difference that it brings to look yourself. Even if you are going for a casual sneaker or sports shoes it should at least be scratch as well as dirt free.
Men's Tip: Basic Fashion Mistakes That Every Man Can Avoid

3. Wrinkled clothes
It need not be mentioned that men are lazy when it comes to getting ready. This is the reason why most men resort to wearing a shirt that is not neatly ironed. Keep your clothes pressed and hang them in the wardrobe, instead of just throwing them. This will help you keep them unwrinkled.

4. Accessories
There are not many options for men, in terms of accessories. Still, you are required to be careful while matching them with your outfit. Wearing a casual watch with your formal outfit or pairing a polished leather belt with sneakers, are few of the mistakes that you commit without even realizing. Always wear a shiny belt when you are wearing leather formal shoes. Avoid using colorful and showy bracelets, wristwatches when you are at work.
Men's Tip: Basic Fashion Mistakes That Every Man Can Avoid

5. Undergarment
The various types of underwear that you are wearing affect your style equally. Every type has got its own significance. Thus choose the design of undergarment clothing according to the occasion. Along with the style, size is equally important as mentioned above. Your undergarment should neither be too loose nor very tight. The impression of underneath apparel visible through the outfit seems tacky. Hence, carefully choose the color of the same.

Along with the things that you are wearing, even you need to look good and smell good. Use a long-lasting cologne. Just take care of these basic fashion mistakes and you will be able to pull out the most attention grabbing look

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