Tips from Best Dressed Men in 2016

Fashion is not just limited to women. The word means different things to different people across different parts of the world. Talking about the west, fashion is as important to men as women. Gone are the days when you would see men clad in baggy jeans and the same white t-shirt day after day. For today’s progressive men, fashion is about looking perfect in all senses. Even if it is about the just-out-of-bed look, they’ll make sure it is faultless.

Celebrating this love of fashion amongst men, we’re lining out a list of the best dressed men in 2016. These are those handsome earthlings who’ve made several women go weak in the knees and men turn green, with their unconventional and sassy sense of style this year.

1.  Chace Crawford

Known for this debonair style and drop-dead dashing looks, Chace Crawford has won a million hearts this year. He has a very cool sense of fashion that radiates the old Hollywood charm a lot of times. At an event this year, this Gossip Girl star left everyone awestruck with this black suit, crisp white shirt, and just-the-right shoes. With his hair slicked back, Chace made a classic fashion statement. You can cheat this look by getting a similar suit from brands like Burberry. Also, don’t forget to fasten a quirky watch around your wrist. You can check out the stunning Swedish watch, Sand Twain Wristband by TID Watches.

2. Kanye West

He’s the man of music and fashion both. Be it his rap about Louboutin or his red-carpet look at the Met Gala, Kanye nails it all. He has a quirky and unique sense of style – that definitely makes him the fashion icon for men to follow this year. This man is a master of the art of accessorizing. He has an impeccable collection of wristwatches, most of which are Rolexes. Inspired by this look? Go ahead and get a pair of black leather pants. Team these up with a baggy t-shirt and throw a black-fitted blazer over your shoulders. For the accessory, get yourself a nice wristwatch. If Rolex is something out of your budget, check out the Dome Gold wristwatch by the Aark Collective. It is a beautiful telltale that’ll add great style to your look.

3. Ian Somerhalder

Probably the hottest actor in the history of American television, Ian Somerhalder has a brilliant sense of style. He is known for the coolest off-duty look where you would see him in the most casual t-shirts and denims. This Vampire Diaries star’s fashion sense is at its best at the red-carpet events. He’s often seen wearing the smartest formal suits teamed up with a minimal wristwatch. If you want to borrow his eye for wristwatches, you must check out the COA Studios collection!

4. David Beckham

When it comes to the best dressed men, how can we not mention David Beckham? By far, he’s the only football icon who has a riveting sense of fashion plus super-hot looks. Beckham has the most interesting and opulent collection of shoes, suits, and wristwatches. Talking about wristwatches in specific, this man has a quarter-million dollar collection. Be it about his love of funky hair-dos, hot tattoos or expensive wrist watches, Beckham knows how to strike the right chord. You can lay your hands on some of the coolest Beckham-inspired watches at Bravur Watches.

5. Daniel Radcliffe

Yes, the little boy from Harry Potter is one of the best dressed men of this year. Earlier this month he was spotted at the 'Extra' studios in New York City wearing a basic blue suit teamed with a striped maritime t-shirt. Isn’t that effortlessly stylish? You can steal this look from Daniel and add spunk of your own by wearing an accessory – a blue wristwatch from the Chi and Chi collection would go the best.

Make the most from this list of the best dressed men and stun everyone around you.

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