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A white T-shirt, blue jeans, a leather jacket, a cigarette, a quaff, an eye wink – these are just some of many reasons why James Dean was - and still is - one of the biggest icons of coolness and sexiness.  He’s one of the first guys ever who got the label “bad boy”. Even if the Rebel is long gone, his badass spirit keeps living on in women’s fantasy and guys’ inspiration.

Most men in their adolescence are trying to become rebels, one way or another. If asked why, the usual answer is: “That’s what women want!”, or something along that line. And it’s not just about women - tough guys usually have more friends and a higher social status in the group. Bad boys get what they want, when they want it; they don’t pretend to be something they're not; they couldn’t care less about other people's opinion; they say out loud what others would keep for themselves ; they walk the walk not just talk the talk. They have that tough almost bully-like attitude that many women find simply irresistible.

It’s not unusual that most men would like to be like James Dean. If you don’t have that innate macho spirit, at least you can dress like one. The bad boy look is a good starting point for building up an attitude that goes along with the style. With these simple tips, you too can look like an Alpha male from the big screen or a rebellious rock star.

The bad style
What we today call the “Bad boy style” has its origins in the sub cultures of the 50s and 60s. In the film “The Wild One” from 1953, Marlon Brando with his gritty attitude, leather jacket and a big motorcycle introduced the bad boy style to the masses.

The jacket
One of the most recognizable signs of a badass guy is his leather jacket and it’s a must have for creating the bad boy look. There’s something indescribable about it that communicates excitement, confidence and danger. Leather jackets come in various models and styles, but, whatever type you choose, there are a few things you should pay attention to.

Whichever style it is - a rock-star edgy jacket with metal buttons and buckled belt, one of the more manly leather motorcycle jackets, or a punk version with badges - you should choose the one in which you’ll feel most comfortable.
The jacket should fit you perfectly in shoulders, otherwise you won’t look cool, but awkwardly.
The black leather jackets are the most common ones, but you shouldn’t be strict about it. Feel free to pick some other color (however, it would be good to avoid pink). Also, avoid prints and designs – that’s just too cheesy to be cool.

Simple clothes
Some may say that besides the leather jacket, you don’t need anything else to make an impression. And they’ll be almost right. The key of the bad boy style is to look like you are not trying to be cool – you just are, so you should keep it simple.

A plain t-shirt is the most common choice for this style, usually in black or white color. If you’re wearing a shirt, don’t button all the buttons - leave the upper and the bottom ones loose. For more stylish look, pick a Cuban collar shirt.
Jeans are the best and the simplest choice for an effective and comfortable look. They combine easily with almost anything; especially with a t-shirt and leather jacket. Straight-leg, slim, distressed or some other model – the choice is yours.
It’s unlikely to see a bad boy wearing snickers. The right footwear for this look are boots.

Casual accessories
A final touch in creating a bad boy look is the right accessories: a metal chain, an interesting ring (or a few), a leather bracelet (preferably wide one) and a pair of sunglasses (models like Ray Ban Aviator or Wayfarer) – all this can contribute to your mysterious, bad boy look.
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The most important part of a bad boy look is the self-confidence. It may not be easy to achieve, but adopting this kind of style can be a good start for changing the mind-set and natural attitude.

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