5 Men's Top Tips To Adopt (Even If Your Friends Make Fun Of You)

It seems that more than ever before, people seem to have an opinion on how those around them should do things. There are trolls browsing the internet, body shaming, bullying and cursing others while hiding their identity and let’s face it, even in our everyday life we have people around us who have an opinion on how we should do things or how we should act.

Most times, these pushy suggestions or unashamed laughter in our face comes from people we are close to like family or friends, and while we may laugh along with them just to make light of the situation, it can be hurtful when the people we expect respect from have this attitude towards us. Still, there are some things you can’t budge on, even if those around you start making fun of you, especially these five following things.

You may not want to shout it out loud that you end your day moisturizing your face but adding a great skin care regime to your night time schedule with the best products for your skin type will save your face from a lot of damage. Your friends may be laughing at you now but at 50, when your face will have preserved that fresh faced, youthful look, then you will have the last laugh.

Skin tight chinos and long thick beards may be on trend this season, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow this trend if these things don’t suit you. Be confident in your style choices and know what works for you rather than be pressured to wear things your friends are wearing just because they are on trend.

Your friends may love their denim and loose fitting T-shirts but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up if you want to. We have all heard the old adage about how our clothes speak volumes before we even have a chance to open our mouths, so if it’s an occasion for a bow tie or a tailored suit, then go all out and dress for the occasion. Nothing exudes more confidence in the eyes of a woman than a man who knows how to dress well.

It seems that in this modern age, most men have completely discarded the idea of visiting a tailor to perfect the fit of their clothes. Your friends may be making fun of the fact that you have a tailor but having someone seam in your clothes means you can buy off the rack pieces and have them look as if they were custom made for you with just a few tricks from your tailor.

If you have discarded this habit now that you are spending days at the beach with your friends, rather than your parents, then think again and start adopting this habit once more. Sunscreen in summer and even in winter is important to help prevent damage to your skin, to help with slowing down the ageing process and most importantly, to help steer you off the risk of getting skin cancer.

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