Tips for finding the Perfect T-shirt

Our top tips for finding the perfect T-shirt
With summer finally approaching, it’s time to put away the knitwear for another year and get ready for some sun. For men, this means only one thing —stepping up your T-shirt game up. Originally strictly used as underwear, the T-shirt has come a long way in its 100-odd year history, and now it’s a year-round wardrobe essential for men of all tastes.
For men who may work in a particularly laid-back work environment, the T-shirt has even become a work-wear staple. While your grandfather may not approve of this change in standards, this has made it more important than ever. With all of this in mind, here are our top tips for finding the perfect T-shirt.

Finding the perfect fit
Given that the T-shirt is such a crucial part of the modern man’s wardrobe, finding your perfect fit is one of the best things you can do to up your personal style. An oversized shirt will be just as unflattering as one that is too tight, and if you don’t get this basic right, your whole outfit is going to suffer for it.
As a rule of thumb, your T-shirt:
- Shouldn’t finish below the top of your hips.
- Shouldn’t have sleeves that cover more than half of your upper arm.
- Should allow you to move comfortably without restriction.
Stick to these rules, and you’re on your way to looking great. Experiment with a wide range of sizes and necks to find the perfect fit for you — Northern Threads is a great place to look, as they sell shirts in a wide variety of fits and offer 10% on your first order over £75

Finding the perfect colour
After the fit, the next most important thing to think about when buying a T-shirt is the colour. No man can go wrong with a plain T-shirt, which the Telegraph recently named the ultimate style icon. If you’re going to be wearing it for work, definitely go for a classic plain Tee totally free of any branding, but if it’s going to be for casual wear, you can be a bit more adventurous and go for top with a vibrant pattern or design.
Whenever you’re buying any item of clothing, you should choose it in a colour that matches your skin tone. Take a look at this excellent guide from Fashion Beans to find out which shades best suit your complexion so you’re always looking your best.

What to pair it with
The classic Tee is such a versatile item that it looks just as good dressed up or down. Pair a plain or patterned T-shirt with well-fitted jeans and stylish trainers for the quintessential men’s casual look, or reach for a pair of chinos and a nice pair of leather shoes if you want to dress it up a bit more. If you’re looking for a confident and stylish look for around the office, try a black V-neck combined with a grey suit. With a plain T-shirt in a classic fit, it’s really hard to go wrong.
Keep these tips in mind when you’re next shopping for T-shirts, and you’re sure to find this wardrobe essential in the perfect fit and colour for you.

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