Menswear: Finding that Perfect Tee

Finding the Perfect T-shirt
Versatility; that’s what comes to mind when you hear the word T-shirt. Of course, denim jeans are as well. Finding a perfect fit and style for outer wear could be nothing short of Herculean. Individual style focus is different, therefore, one man’s perfect T-shirt could be another man’s unwearable.
This is why we decided to compile some basic tips on finding what suits you best

A fitting T-shirt is really important when picking one. The era of wearing baggy tees are long gone. Otherwise, an oversized blocked T-shirt that sits nicely on your torso should do. A balance should strike between your tee and body mass.
You ever stretched or raised your hand and you expose your navel to the whole world? This is where length matters, the length of your tee shouldn’t sit any higher than the top of your hips, nor finish below them. The sleeves and shoulder seam should ideally align with the point where the curve of your shoulder ends.

The fabric matters as well. Cotton makes a generally long lasting durable T-shirt. Don’t mistake thickness for quality. In summary, make sure your tee’s fabric is light enough to sit well and feel comfortable.

Buying the right colours of T-shirt make them a workhorse. They make wardrobe versatile. Meaning, you can wear them with other menswear as much as your wardrobe permits. White- Iconic, Grey- of bridging the smart-casual gap, Black- Monochrome comes to mind…. and classic, Navy- Almost every man’s best friend when it comes to menswear hue. Everything else is fair game for experimentation.
Navy Blue T-Shirt

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