Tall Men: How to Find Clothes that Fit

Do you struggle to find clothes that look good and fit well? It’s a common – and infuriating – problem for many tall men. In this guide, we discuss the importance of dressing well, offer styling tips for the taller gentlemen and show you the best places to shop. Let’s jump in!

A Tall Problem
Being tall has its benefits but there are downsides too. Dressing well when you loom above average height has numerous challenges, but the primary one is fit.
Mainstream stores tend only to carry clothes for average height men. Sleeves don’t reach your wrist, trousers flap around the ankles and suit jackets feel more like straight-jackets. Here are more signs your clothes don’t quite fit, if you need further advice.

To compensate, tall men often buy clothes in larger sizes to give a little extra length. But this leaves them swimming in fabric and is far from the sharp look they should aim for.
If you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to find stylish ‘tall’ clothes at the mall, you might feel that the only option left is bespoke tailoring. However, this can be very expensive and is not a realistic solution for many men.
So, how do you find clothes that fit well and leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the world? Well, we’ll get to that but first you should know what to look for when you get there...

Style Tips for Tall Men
There’s no one size fits all approach to style when you’re a tall gent. How you dress will depend on other aspects like body shape, weight and of course personal taste. The most important piece of advice we can give you is to work with what you’ve got, and emphasise your favourite bits.
A great two-part article by Matthew Ward over at Fashion Beans gives extensive style advice for tall men. He highlights the ways in which tall bodies can differ and stresses the importance of identifying areas of concern.

“There are various ways a body can appear tall. A tall frame is often not perfectly balanced – either the legs are long and the torso short or vice versa (much like myself)...
Whichever way you fall, it will generally result in a long, thin frame with unbalanced proportions. Before you look to counter this, it is important that you identify those areas that are of a concern to YOU.”

Some General Rules for Dressing Well
Make fit your priority, trends and fashion will follow.
Avoid extremes. Don’t hide your body in oversized shirts and baggy trousers, but similarly try to avoid excessively tight clothing.
‘Slim fit’ clothes are a great option for tall, thin men. Slim fit is a flattering middle ground and it works to accentuate your frame.
Larger gentlemen look best in clothes with a tailored fit. Simple designs (without busy graphic patterns) flatter the body.
Break up the long vertical line of your body with layers, stripes and colour-blocking. Colour-blocking is the effect of wearing contrasting colours on your top and bottom (a light blazer and dark trousers for example).
Long jackets and overcoats help balance your proportions. They’re smart and practical for winter too.
Accessories like scarves, ties and belts are as important as the clothes themselves. They don’t just polish your look; they help create visual illusions too.
Following these simple tips will ensure you always look your best. They also help to give your shopping trips more direction and purpose as you now know what to look for, and what to avoid! And this brings us neatly to our final question...

Where to Shop?
Tall men have long been ignored by mainstream stores. A handful of retailers have finally cottoned on and are starting to cater to a range of body shapes, including taller men. For the most part however it’s still early days and the selection is often restricted and uninspiring – not ideal if you pride yourself on dressing well.

Your best option is a shop dedicated to clothes for the non-average body. These shops understand your plight and will do their best to find the right fit for you. There are a few, some with physical stores where you can try before you buy, others are online only.
Mail order is often the safest bet as you will find a much larger selection of styles and sizes online. The important thing is to shop around and not simply settle for the first thing you find.

A Final Word
Shopping for clothes as a tall man can be a frustrating and fruitless experience so we hope this guide has helped to alleviate some of that stress. Remember, there are stylish and well-made clothes out there to fit every body, regardless of size. Simply take our tips on board and you’ll be dressing your best in no time at all!

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