Why You need that UV protected Sunglasses

These days, with the temperature rising due to climate change, protection from the sun’s UV rays has never been more important or necessary. Sunscreen and protective wear for long days in the sun, hats and sunglasses are all items that can help protect us from the strong rays of the sun.

Although we have become more aware of the risks of extended exposure to these harmful rays, many people are still committing mistakes when it comes to UV protection of the eyes that could cause harm and possibly, serious degeneration in future years.

It is so easy to find the perfect pair of sunglasses nowadays. A quick search for online glasses in Australia is enough to generate millions of results and that is only in one country, so you know how vast our options for sunglasses can be. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether the sunglasses you are purchasing are doing their job and protecting you from UV rays?

From “cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis,” extended exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to eye damage and sometimes even temporary loss of vision. Moreover, “new research suggests the sun's high-energy visible (HEV) radiation (also called "blue light") may increase your long-term risk of macular degeneration. People with low blood plasma levels of vitamin C and other antioxidants especially appear at risk of retinal damage from HEV radiation.”
Yet, despite the list of possible damage we can cause our eyes, and the knowledge that it could easily happen to us, when we love fashion and we enjoy accessorizing with the trends of the moment, it can be tricky to be safe and stylish. Still, it can be done, you just need to invest in the right brand and ask the right questions, and the following are a few tips and information to get you on the right track when it comes to protection for your eyes.

Whether you are going for designer frames or an indie brand, ask the salesperson to confirm if the sunglasses you like block all of the UV rays for complete protection. They should also be able to “absorb most HEV rays.”

When choosing the style of your frames, go for a wraparound shape so your eyes are very little exposed to the sunlight that can still reach them from the sides.

One common misconception many have when it comes to buying sunglasses is that if the shades are dark or coloured, then the eyes are safe from the UV rays but this is not the case. Not all lenses can protect you from these harmful rays, even if they are dark so make sure you read the label or you ask the sales assistant before you decide on purchasing.
Remember, if you are buying a pair of sunglasses from a souvenir shop or the market, the likelihood is they won’t be very good in giving you full protection from UV rays so take the time to invest in the right brand so you can have protection while rocking your stylish pair of sunglasses.

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