The Lazy Man Fashion Guide

The Lazy Man Fashion Guide

These days, with our lives being so fast and fueled with pressure and stress, most of us don’t want to spend our downtime thinking about what to wear. We just want to look like the best version of ourselves without too much effort.

With this is mind, we have come up with a few simple rules for lazy men guide to fashion, so you can rule street style effortlessly.

Timeless pieces: Classic pieces and colours like white slim shirts and a long coat in black or brown are pieces of clothing you can wear for years if the materials are original. A go-to suit that is tailored to your body is another item of clothing you should have ready in your wardrobe for that last minute wedding invitation or that impromptu work meeting.

Shoes: Make sure you have a pair of shoes for every aspect of your life, which means you should have the appropriate pair for work and social life. Invest in a good pair of black and brown shoes for formal wear, and good pairs of sneakers that you should only use for more laid back occasions and not to jog in. If you do want to add an extra pair for formal and semi-formal look, invest in brogues, loafers or even a good boot.
The Lazy Man Fashion Guide
Customization: Choosing to customize something like lapel pins, socks or company belt buckles is a sure way of showing people that you made an effort but really, this is an easy way of proving you are stylish without making such an effort.

The right pants: Even if you are running errands, you should look good doing so. Having slim fit chinos in your wardrobe ready to be worn or dark denim will make your street style worthy, even in the early hours of the morning when you just want a coffee and the newspaper.

Classic Ts: For the best style combo for that early errand, invest in classic T-shirts that will easily go with any pair of dark denim or chinos.

Patterns: You don’t need to spend half an hour scratching your head on this, stick to one bold pattern — top or bottom, then wear solid colours on the rest of your body.

Knitwear: Whether it is a V-neck or a scoop neck that suits you; buttoned up or an Aran jumper, investing in a few knitted pieces will make your life easier, as knitwear can be paired up with anything and turn the chic factor up a notch.

Accessories: A scarf and a classic watch; pocket square, cufflinks, slim black & brown belts and the best pair of sunglasses for your face should be staples in your wardrobe that will last for many years.
The Lazy Man Fashion Guide

Underwear: Make sure your undershirts look good if they tend to peak out from under your shirt and sticking to black and grey socks is the easiest route to take. Moreover, invest in underwear that is comfortable and never show it over your pants.

When in doubt wear black and white or blue and black— they always go together.

When she is not busy writing about men and women’s fashion trends, Regina enjoys doing sports, walking her dog and checking new accessories available at Ties’n’Cuffs.

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