Random Dos & Don'ts of Men's Accessories


Men’s clothing is can be pretty simple sometimes as long as you have a well-fitting suit, you’re generally considered to be well-dressed by society’s standards. However, the rules of men’s accessories are not always as clear-cut as the rules regarding clothing. If you have all the fashion pizzazz of a 90’s sitcom dad, these do’s and don’ts might help you reinvent your look for a more modern, fashionable you.

1. The ties that you wear to work should do one of two things. It should either compliment your outfit by being a similar color to the suit that you’re wearing, or it should create a sharp contrast that makes your outfit pop. Goofy ties, are not a wise choice in the workplace, unless you work at Crazy Larry’s Used Car Lot.
Monogrammed ties and customized ties can have a big impact when paired with the right outfit, and when worn at the right time. A fancy dinner date is a good example where monogrammed ties can be classy rather than overkill.

2. At a nightclub, you can get away with a funky pocket square that has camo print. At work, it is not advisable. On a date, it will make your date question your fine taste, and possibly your sanity. Don’t be that guy. Try to look sane the majority of the time.

3. Don’t wear black socks with white shoes, or white socks with black shoes. It’s one of the most common fashion mistakes men can make, and it’s one of the most common reasons why guys tend to look somewhat old fashioned at work.

4. Don’t be afraid to wear casual hats with formal outfits if you’re going out to town. It can be a great touch, and can show people that you worked on your outfit without taking it too seriously. Of course, there are limits to what kind of hats this trick can work with, so use your best judgment.

5. Mismatching your belt and shoes can throw off the look of your formal outfit entirely, this could make other people at a formal event question what possessed you to wear a white belt with your tuxedo. With casual wear, varying your belt color can definitely add a splash of fun.

6. Cufflinks aren’t just for formal occasions anymore! They can add a seriously luxurious touch to modern streetwear, too.

7. Don’t underestimate the power of a nice watch. A good watch is great for telling more than time. It can also tell people you have great taste too! Make sure to choose a watch that works with your wardrobe, and also has the right style for the effect you’re aiming for. You can pair them with your bracelets to compliment your semi-formal look.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure out how to wear men’s accessories well. Guidance is usually all you need to be able to put together a very stylish outfit, regardless of the event.

Author Bio: When she is not busy writing about men and women’s fashion trends, Regina enjoys doing sports, walking her dog and checking new accessories available at Ties’n’Cuffs.

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