Guide to a Fitting Men’s Shirt


Guide to a fitting men’s shirt
Putting a clean, crispy shirt that fits perfectly makes you look like a boss. You even start to act like one when compliments start pouring in from both sexes. You get this “I’m in control” feeling and confident. Believe me I’ve been down that road, so I know the feeling. Buying the right dress shirt isn’t calculus. You just try to understand the below highlights

Know your neck size- it is important, buy the right size and don’t strangle yourself all in the name of fit. Get measured!
The one finger rule- your “pointing finger” (forgive me, my knowledge of body anatomy sucks) should fit in easily into the neck of your shirt after buttoning the neck.
No shirt fat- I’m guilty of this as well. It can be a herculean task buying a shirt that closely fit your torso. Either, you can go for a custom made shirt or buy off the rack, that shirt you so much love and look for a good tailor for alterations.
Guide to a fitting men’s shirt- Shirt Fat

Shop right- To buy off the rack, I think it’s advisable you shop right. Different labels measurement differs. For instance, TM Lewin’s slim fit is fitter when compared to some other labels. Ensure that the shoulder seams hug your shoulders and the sleeves are not too long or short.
The wrist-The sleeves of your shirt should fit right. The cuffs should reach just past or lil above your wrists.
Collar Type- We have different kind of collar type; straight point, button down, the spread, semi-spread, the cutaway etc. This can be really confusing. Go for the semi spread when in doubt. It is not too fashion forward, not too conservative and works with everything.
Guide to a fitting men’s shirt- Shirt Collar types
Collar stay- don’t settle for limping collars, use collar stays. Or lemme put it this way; buy dress shirts that use collar stays that are removable. Stays keeps your collar standing in attention. They should come out before your shirts get laundered and go back in when the shirts return clean.
Inject some life into your shirts- Now that you know how to or understand how to get a shirt that fits you. It’s time you start getting creative with them. Do patterns- you remain classic with plaid or gingham dress shirt paired with a dark tie. Also do pinks- yeah, it’s now becoming the new staple for every wardrobe like white and blue. It depends on the shade of pink colour but don’t do hot pinks. Instead go for light pink with dark ties.

Tucking in your shirt won’t kill you. It will make you look better. Inject some colour into your dressing and keep looking crisp and clean.

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