Why Every Man Should Own A Blazer

Why Every Man Should Own A Blazer
We know from experience that a lot of men favour their jeans and t-shirts, however, there is one piece of clothing that every man should possess in his wardrobe – the blazer. The blazer is undoubtedly a timeless classic and looks great with jeans and t-shirt combo too.

The blazer should not be confused with the suit jacket – it is a different item of clothing altogether. Sometimes a suit is just not practical for an occasion (although a good quality suit will come in handy in your wardrobe as well) and this is where the blazer jacket comes in.

A navy blue well-tailored blazer (or similar) for men is the equivalent of a little black dress for the ladies; you just can’t go wrong. Dress it up with pants, add some chinos or play it down with jeans – all are perfectly acceptable ways of wearing the blazer. For business casual events, it is best to avoid the sneakers, so opt for a pair of boat shoes or dress shoes depending on the look you are going for.

Why Every Man Should Own A Blazer
The blazer is great for those casual Fridays in the office without you resorting to the “casual” wear that is reserved for a lazy Sunday morning and is perfect for a work get together following a busy day in the office. They look great on men as they don’t add to the bulkiness of the frame and having one of these in the wardrobe, means you are prepared for any last minute event. Step into the social scene wearing a blazer and people will take you seriously from the get-go.

If you are sporting a dark coloured blazer, it is best to avoid wearing a dark blue (or black) pair of pants or a shirt but any other colour will generally work well. Don’t be afraid to get a little creative.

A blazer is a staple piece in your wardrobe and, on this note, I recommend you don’t skimp on quality. Of course quality will come with a heftier price tag but it is better to invest in a piece that will last 10 years then buy something which looks out of shape after one or two wears. Trust me on this!
A blazer is, quite simply, a functional wardrobe essential that requires minimal effort to take your look to the next level. So, let’s go shopping!

Sally McKinnon is an experienced personal stylist based in Melbourne. A leader in her field, Sally is renowned for helping people of all shapes and sizes dress with style and confidence so that they look and feel great every day. www.styledbysally.com.au 

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