Five Outfit twists that will make you a Gentleman

Outfit twist to make you a gentleman
After buying all that expensive, flashy men’s wear, you realized that all you is that inexpensive outfit twist to get that Hollywood look you’ve always wanted. The below tips might be of use to you

Button up- yes, your eyes read the letters well “button up”. If you are no rap star, there is no excuse for unbuttoning your shirt and let the whole world see that hairy chest. Even rap stars do the gentleman look these days. A buttoned white shirt creates a clean look when coupled with a well-tailored suit jacket. Ensure that your shirt buttons are well placed in a way that it won’t expose your upper chest if the neck button is unbuttoned.

Tuck in your tops, when necessary- it is becoming a trend among men to tuck in their tees and polo shirts on trousers. The truth is it looks good. Unfortunately, this on point look is reserved for guys with lean or athletic physique. If you don’t want to draw attention to the extra flesh around your mid-section, please don’t try this.
Outfit twist to make you a gentleman

Nice haircut- visit your barber every week if there is need. Tend and care for facial hair especially your beards…. and eyebrows.

Go sockless- Not an everyday thing but going sockless can bring a relaxed sense of sophistication to any ensemble on a sunny day. Try this on slim jeans with your smart trainers or boat shoes and don’t forget to leave an inch gap between the top of your shoes and jeans.
Outfit twist to make you a gentleman

Roll your sleeve- a way to release the day’s stress, simply unfasten all the buttons on your sleeves and roll the fabric upwards when hanging out with your friends after the day’s job. Roll the sleeve up to somewhere just below your elbow. This will help your look and make you look cooler.
Outfit twist to make you a gentleman

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