Ways to Look Cool and Sharper

Ways to Look Cool and Sharper
Looking so cool and super sharp does not have to do with the designer brands you wear. How it fits and how you wear makes you look better. You don’t need to drain your bank accounts to achieve that “fly” look. We all want to keep improving on our looks including this writer.

So let’s start with the most important and move down gradually the list… but I think thet are all important

Get your measurement right- This is very important. First step in achieving that look you want. Ensure you know your size and it fits well before buying. If you really like it, buy it and get it professionally altered.
Get your measurement right

Don’t follow trend, create your style- try something simple like crispy white tees, sweat shirt, blue jeans, smart shoes etc. it could be that simple look you needed at the particular time.
Create your style

Don’t forget your shoes- shoes are one of the first thing people notice, so it won’t hurt if you invest in them.

Get your accessories right- use them right and you won’t go wrong. Pocket squares, bracelets, wrist watch, tote bags. Sunglasses, you name it!
Get your accessories right

Care for your body hair- that includes the one on your head. Keep the chin hair nicely trim and well cared for if you want them fully grown.

Stand tall- Maintaining a good posture when walking or standing makes a huge difference on your appearance. Good posture makes your clothes fit and look more dapper.

Get a signature scent- Just like clothes; signature scent can create a lasting expression.
Get a signature scent

Plan Ahead- it’s good to maintain a schedule of your daily activities. This way, you don’t have to rush down in completing some tasks and you avoid stress as well which will tell on you, health wise. Also, you can plan ahead, attire-wise based on the occasion you are preparing for.

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