Ideas and Tips to Care for Leather Shoes

Ideas and Tips to Care for Leather Shoes
Luxury leather shoes have a stamp of aristocracy and most people, irrespective of their gender like to have a pair in their closet. However, leather is also one of the many options that need care and regular maintenance, especially for the fact that it is a natural material. Designer leather shoes need to be cared for in a better way, and there are some uncomplicated ideas that can immensely help in being gentle with the material. Check these simple tips for leather care at a glance.

Go with a shoe boutique
Usually, big designer brands and fashion houses have their in-houses services, where your shoes are cleaned and checked for maintenance by manufacturer, ensuring you never have to do things on your own. Or else, you always have the choice to ask the brand on the best choices of shoe boutiques they recommend for caring leather shoes made by the company.

A simple DIY project for weekends
Alternatively, you can care for leather on your own too! For that, you need a soft bristled brush, which can be used to get rid of the first round of dirt and dust. Following which, you can use a recommended cleaner for the shoes and using the same brush, you can clean the upper part of the shoes, paying more attention to the overall marks and scuffs visible to the eye. After waiting for good 30 minutes, you can go ahead and polish the shoes.
Ideas and Tips to Care for Leather Shoes- Kit
Polishing leather shoes
This is one big part of getting leather shoes ready for next use! If you are doing things on your own, get the best suggested conditioner or polish, and for using it, start with a soft cloth and add the polish in small circular motion. Of course, the polish should match the shoe colour, and for the components, experts advise on going for products that are lanoline-based and will soften the shoes. Further using a soft clean cloth, you can wipe the excess of polish or conditioner.

You need to focus on getting a good shoe rack to store leather shoes. If you don’t like cheap plastic, you can go for cedar designs that are considered to be the best answer to moisture damage in leather shoes. Also, it is advisable to re-sole your shoes once in every few years to ensure there is no long term damage to the pair. Make sure that you wear your leather shoes with care. For a casual day out in the sun, you can simply take out your printed shirt and pair of pants and match it with your favourite leather shoes. Click here to check some great tees for men!
Hope you found the fix to leather care right here!

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