Men's Watches & The Athletes They Sponsor

Men's Watches & The Athletes They Sponsor- Rolex
We're all familiar with athlete sponsorships of sportswear and shoes. Just this summer, the idea of athlete shoe endorsements was making major headlines, as Kevin Durant signed a huge new deal with Nike following a lucrative offer from UnderArmour.

Indeed, some of the top athletes in the world make a bulk of their revenue through deals like these. Beyond the shoe deals and clothing lines, there are many sports sponsorships linked to day-to-day menswear and accessories. Specifically, we're talking about high-end watches. Here's a look at some of the best men's watches in the world that just so happened to be marketed by some of the greatest athletes.

TAG Heuer

One of the most recognized high-end watch brands in the world has long been known for its partnerships with top-notch athletes and athletic events. Tiger Woods was probably the most famous client in TAG Heuer's history of athletic partnerships, but the brand severed that connection after Tiger's infamous controversies back in 2011.

TAG Heuer is not hurting when it comes to major athlete partnerships, however, as they now have a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo—arguably the biggest sports star in the world. The brand also works with rising tennis star Kei Nishikori, who reached the US Open final this year and recently won the 2014 Tokyo Open. TAG Heuer's own website shared a press release on this recent win for Nishikori and also contains full details on additional sports connections.
C Ronaldo & Tag Heuer


Viewed globally as the height of quality and luxury in watchmaking, Rolex pretty much has it made when it comes to advertising. They're one of those rare brands whose own name says all you need to know. But they've nevertheless capitalized on numerous sports partnership opportunities, particularly in tennis. The Rolex name is attached to numerous tournaments, recognized as the "official timekeeper" of Wimbledon, and also the main sponsor for the Shanghai Masters, currently underway.

A recent Betbright preview of this Masters event shows just how strong Rolex's presence remains in the sport, listing Roger Federer—the most prominent individual Rolex partner—among the favourites. This means Federer (wearing Rolex) has a solid chance of winning a tournament for Rolex, alongside a field of competitors containing several other tennis stars who have deals with lesser watch brands. Game, set, match.


Another of the top watch brands in the world for men, Tissot maintains a very strong presence in the world of professional athletics. Perhaps most notably, FIBA advertises having had a partnership with Tissot since 2008, making the brand the official timekeeper of world basketball and the recent FIBA World Cup. Specifically, French point guard and San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker has been a noteworthy ambassador for Tissot (though he sat out the FIBA World Cup this year), lending one of the most respected names in world basketball to one of the best watches on the market. As with TAG Heuer and Rolex, the Tissot website has a full list of athletic partnerships.

There are other high-profile connections between iconic men's watch brands and top athletes. Tiger Woods also works with Rolex, Novak Djokovic has a deal with Seiko, and so on. However, the above listed sponsorship situations show the enduring connection between top quality men's accessories and the most prominent athletes in the world.

This is a guest blog by Jared Harris. Harris, a sports fanatic and men's fashion enthusiast, he enjoys blogging about the intersection of style and professional sport. In his spare time, he enjoys studying game tape and keeping tabs on the latest developments within the NBA and NFL.

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