Men's Suit: Making Them Worth It... For Years

Men's Suit: Making Them Worth It
Suits are apparel meant for gentlemen, apparel that creates positive impression and indicates the height of elegance and sophistication in men’s fashion. Irrespective of your kind of suit type, you need to learn on how to keep them in the right shape for as long as you want them.
You probably take your suits to the dry cleaner and put them away in a cool, dry place but there is more to that. In order to keep them well and make them serve you for long, here are simple tips that can help you

Yeah, quality! If the material is of low quality, be sure that it won’t serve you for long. Not just the quality of the material, also the quality of sewing also matters. If the sewing and hemming are not done properly, the thread will start to loose and this might disgrace you in public unknowingly. Trust me, I was once a victim. So before thinking of anything, make sure you go for quality suits.

Garment Bag
Make sure you have a garment bag where you can keep them whenever you are not wearing them and also to prevent them from collecting dust. Be sure the garment bag(s) are well ventilated to avoid mold and mildew growing on them due to not wearing for a long time. If you won’t be wearing your suits for a long time, take them out of the garment bags periodically for fresh air and brush with a suit brush (that leads to another tip).

Get a Suit Brush
You don’t need to go to your laundry man if you have this (except they are wrinkled and really need cleaning). Brush your suit jacket lengthwise from top to bottom, this keeps garment material straightens and collect any dust on it.

Get Wooden Hangers 
Get wooden hangers to store them properly in your wardrobe. Hanging them make it retain its shape, hangers that mimic human shoulders.

The fabric type of your suit also determines the further protection methods to adopt. The way you take care of a linen suit is different from wool. The above aforementioned are general ways to care for them irrespective of the fabric. Wools are more popular with men’s suit but are highly susceptible to damage if not taken care properly.

You can follow the simple tips and make them worth it for as long as you wish. If you have more tips, kindly use the comment box below.

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