Men's Shoe: The Versatile Brown Leather Shoe

Men's Shoe: The Versatile Brown Leather Shoe
Shoes are an important but often overlooked part of your outfit. You’d be amazed at how often your shoes are noticed.  What is your footwear saying about you?

Many men ruin the look of a stylish outfit by wearing the wrong shoes.

Although formal black shoes seems like a nice, simple solution to completing an outfit, they do tend to make it a little too formal. Of course, the black is perfect for weddings, funerals and all important business meetings.  Beyond that, however, black shoes can be a little overbearing for many other .occasions.

Every man should own a pair of brown leather shoes. They are practical and stylish, and if you choose the right shoe, can be very versatile.

Which shoe should you choose?

If you’re choosing to go with one pair of brown shoes, I recommend a brown wing-tip, also known as a ‘brogue’. This shoe is a classic. You can tell a wingtip shoe by the design which features a toe cap that is shaped like a W, or an open pair of wings. The shoe is often decorated with perforations - small holes forming a decorative design on the shoe. It is, of course, a lace-up shoe.

Versatile enough to be worn with jeans, as well as suits in shades of blue, green, tan and even grey, wingtips are multi-talented. They will dress up a casual outfit, as the need calls for it, without being overly formal.

Which shade of brown is best?

While your choice of colour will be dictated by taste, I suggest choosing a shoe in a mid to dark brown colour. The lighter browns look great teamed with a casual outfit, but they are out of place with anything else.

Dark brown shoes look great when worn with pants or business suits in shades of brown, dark navy or mid-range greys.  If you love a touch of colour – think of TV food critic, Matt Preston – you will find that dark brown shoes match most colours and look better than the black.

As always, we can’t complete your top to toe style without reminding you to coordinate the colour of your belt to match the shade of your shoes, and please don’t wear black socks with brown shoes.  If you are concerned about your sock colour choice, try to choose a shade to match either your shoes or your trousers and you will be safe.
Men's Shoe: The Versatile Brown Leather Shoe- 2
If you don’t own a pair of brown shoes, go out and choose a pair today. I’d be very happy to help you choose the pair that is right for you.

Author Bio: Sally Mackinnon - personal stylist and image consultant based in Melbourne. She has an expert eye for style and consults on personal style issues.

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