Importance Of Fit For The Big And Tall Men

Importance Of Fit For The Big And Tall Men
While many brands tirelessly concentrate on marketing to athletic, slim and younger men, finding well-known brands that cater specifically to the bigger man isn’t so simple.  Men, either taller than most or bigger than average, require specific measurements not widely manufactured by major brands.  But, when it comes to fitting these men, there’s a specific science brands should consider which are detailed below.

Too snug isn’t too cool
Much like their shorter, more slender counterparts, wearers of big and tall men's clothing need room to breathe.  Levi’s, for example, is one mainstream brand that caters to both even and odd waist sizes, whereas Lee, Carhartt and similar top-shelf brands choose to cater to evenly numbered waists.  Off-brands like Sonoma, Rustler and Canyon River are similar, too.

Remember, everyone needs room to breathe regardless how oddly shaped or excessively tall they are. Therefore, get an exact measurement factoring in the few millimeters which boxers or briefs will take up, then also factor in slight outward growth to determine best waist size.

Plan length according to needs
Stylists will tell you to maintain slightly tapered thigh styles.  Depending on whether you’re trying to impress Hollywood A-listers or feel good about yourself, start with measuring your inseam.  You’ll want plenty of inner thigh, calf and ankle room; compensate for penny loafers, tennis shoes or boots.  Bigger guys will obviously need different inseams than taller guys who dress ‘relaxed’, according to NBA fashion advice.
Don’t adopt the ‘baggy and saggy’ persona unless you’re sitting around the house; a relaxed fit works well with khakis, jeans and suit bottoms.  Always make sure pants fully cover your leg’s length but stays off the ground.
Grovers Shirt
Shirts or tank tops?
Love rocking pink? Prefer monochromatic prints over pinstripes? Regardless how you’ll want color schemes to turn out, always tailor your dress shirts to compensate for space around the chest, neck and armpit areas. Add extra length to accentuate your jeans, perhaps slightly covering your belt area but slightly above ‘the package’.

Tank tops work slightly differently.  Cover your neckline, leave some of your chest area showing yet leave something for the imagination and cover the cleavage area.  Don’t always feel obligated to tuck tank tops in, although make sure the length also stretches down to the waistline or slightly below.

Fitting takes finesse
Popular men’s clothing manufacturers pre-size their clothing to accompany your standard slim, husky, baggy and comfortable fitting jean wearer.  Wearing pants that actually fit big and tall men requires specialized attention uncommon to major textile players.  Unfortunate, yes, but having tailor-made clothing is perhaps more special than receiving status quo fits, anyway.
Grovers Pants

Remember; always measure with a few extra centimeters (or inches) of compensation for groin, arms, inseams and tapers.  Comfortable clothing that doesn’t cause aggravating waistline pressure or causes your ankles to be fully exposed is a science.  Spend your time getting the right fit, and you’ll look stylish regardless what colors you decide to rock.

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