Tips For Selecting Stunning Custom Rings

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When it comes to rings, there are scores of mainstream choices you’ll hear of often. While diamonds may have been Marilyn's best friend, stylish rings for women could have so much more potential if one takes their time in selecting them. How do you determine your own style, and what constitutes the perfect piece of custom finger adornment for your loved one?

In order to answer this question, it's important to look at who your loved one is, and how she presents herself to everyone. You might be fairly consistent in your style, want to express your inner diversity or her insatiable ability to roll with the punches no matter what the occasion may be. Let’s look at what men should look for when seeking out customized rings for her.

Personality enhancing
Certain custom rings will emanate an unexplainable euphoric feeling, or ‘je ne sais quoi’, that fits one special man or woman. Not only will consumers shoot for specific marquis, princess or oval styles, baguettes and certain settings are important as are specific inscriptions, designs and band colors. Nothing matters more to women than men who’ll spend hours finding rings that say “forever” without actually saying it.
Discussing your personality expectations with personal jewelers will render an excellent starting point.  Once you’ve molded your love’s character traits into the customization process, expect results to be nothing short of amazing.  However, getting to the point where your design needs reach fruition requires an uncanny ability to describe what personality must accompany the finished piece. Do some quick homework on diamonds, bands and what can be customized without melting anything down or taking 6 months to complete.

Shoot for balance, not solely bling
Bling is definitely important to women, whereas men tend to gravitate towards simplicity. However, everyone loves bling, which is exactly why this feature should be last on your wish list.  Because when jewelry and status quo merge, the element of ‘customized’ is off the table.

Purchasing customized rings for engagement or simply for show doesn’t mean shooting for carat size, either. Additional factors to consider are the cut, clarity, and uniqueness – but not solely one characteristic should be factored. Buying custom rings with an appropriate balance of all four factors is what makes personalizing rings truly a special occasion for women and men alike.
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Food for thought
Choosing the perfect custom-made ring may seem like an intimidating task since many, of course, purchase them only once in their lives.  Making the process as trouble free as possible is an idea goal for both newly committed couples to dapper young gentlemen shopping for custom made engagement ring designs as a surprise for their lady in waiting.  Of course, this is just one of many things nobody ever tells us about shopping for engagement rings or customized pieces.

Whether an interminable bond has been establishment, or you just want to surprise your love with something magnificient, the ring has to equal or amass the commitment and bring out the sheer elegance of the woman bearing it. You want to make sure the perfect custom ring is something that she will love and adore as much as you for decades to come.
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