Diamond Rings That Speak Well for Relationships

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Something for that woman you cherish- Jewelry items with colorful and exclusive gemstones reflect the trendiness of any fashionable woman. Sizes, shapes and designs of jewelry items change with the trends of fashion and style, but the demand for finger accentuation shouldn’t just have monetary connotations – it should have equal relationship meaning. The type of ring you purchase, regardless of price, speaks volumes about how deeply you've fallen for that special someone.

Here are diamond ring ideas that work perfectly when describing one’s innermost love for another:

David Birnbaum Rare 1
Flawless in presentation, notable metaphysical writer and exquisite jeweler David Birnbaum travels the globe to extract the ‘finest of fine’ diamonds for his unique diamond rings. Catering primarily to the ‘10% of 1%’ worldwide, Hollywood A-listers and political figures frequent his New York shop, although anyone is welcome to purchase his stunning jewelry. Should you feel your elegant fiance is worthy of only the best, your love will shine through when dropping the $10,000 to $10M required – and so will her finger.

Le Vian Collection
Much like her trusty sidekick over the years, chocolate diamonds are becoming a woman’s best friend – quickly, we may add.  Abdulrahim Ephraim Le Vian, Persian founder of this elegant lineup of SI1 and above diamond rings, started a dynasty in 1950 which hasn't proven to be matched today.  Although chocolate diamonds are merely regular diamonds unprocessed with an eerie cloud effect, women are finding the ‘Neapolitan’ effect quite lovely: Kay Jewelers carries this lineup which comes with a strawberry gold band, chocolate diamonds and vanilla diamonds within a princess cut.

The Leo Diamond
Every major article depicting tips for buying engagement rings will hit on the 4 C’s.  Brilliance, or ‘bling’, is perhaps more important that anything measured – and has become the cornerstone of gem master Leo Schachter and his fine lineup of diamonds.  For several generations, there’s never been one diamond that’s been certified visibly brighter like Leo’s.  Showing your relationship is officially at the next level only takes your solemn oath of fidelity, companionship, and one exquisitely designed Leo Diamond.

Monique Lhuillier
Showing how alluring, bighearted and ever so loving your woman is takes actions.  In diamond terminology, this means women designing diamond rings that provoke femininity works best.  Philippine-born Lhuillier took her affinity for fine bridal creations and designed an exceptional quality wedding set that can be used when reaffirming vows, starting off your life together or just because your heart would be helplessly lost without her companionship.

Choose from the Heart
Whether you’re looking for a bargain engagement ring or something worth millions, remember that your relationship took work, devotion, and learning through trial and error.  What you wish to adorn her finger with becomes a testament of how well your relationship is progressing, how deep your feelings run for her, and how much she’s worth platonically and romantically.
The fine diamond manufacturers above have epitomized the difficult task of combining love, character, design and brilliance into one masterpiece.  If you cannot afford such luxuries, they’re worthy of at least reading up on.

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