Cool Wedding Bands For Men

Cool Wedding Bands For Men- Crown Rings
Unless you know what you are looking for, finding tasteful yet meaningful wedding bands for groomsmen can be tricky. Hiring a professional who specializes in purchasing wedding jewelry may help you get an idea of what trends are hot – but who needs to spend extra money? Wedding bands for men that are made out of titanium, or tungsten, or even platinum are hot these days; here’s some really cool wedding bands for men preparing to tie the knot.

Palladium bands
Considered a ‘noble metal’ due to its innate ability to withstand oxidation and corrosion, palladium’s durability is perfect for men with highly active lifestyles, and growing quite popular as the wedding bands of choice.  Weighing slightly less than platinum, its sister element, palladium fights off patina while maintaining its whitish hue seemingly forever. Being hypoallergenic is another great quality for those potentially allergic to metals. Much like your platinum pieces, it maintains 95% purity when used for jewelry purposes.

Platinum bands
Most commonly seen with black center colouring around the ring, men should definitely try platinum bands on before committing to them considering their much heavier nature
. Scratches on platinum aren't immediately noticeable compared to gold, meaning rougher lifestyles won’t cause quick tarnishing of platinum. Because it’s also extremely malleable, custom jewelry makers love working with platinum. Due to platinum’s high resistance to corrosion, women prefer buying wedding bands that contain this ductile metal.
Cool Wedding Bands for Men- Crown Ring Platinum

Tungsten bands
When choosing your men’s wedding bands, price is always going to factor somewhere into the equation.  Both extremely strong and cost-effective, tungsten carbide will nearly always come in darker gray or black, popular among men of all ages. Wolfram, its other elemental name, comes naturally in compound form from Earth, offering superior strength and scratch resistance.  You’ll often find tungsten used in place of gold for wedding band purposes, making the price competitive while maintaining its prestige.

Rhodium bands
Reaffirm your vows, or prepare for new nuptials, with an exquisite black rhodium wedding band. Due to its extreme rarity, rhodium is considered higher end jewelry – and well worth its higher price tag. Just a few noteworthy characteristics of this highly reflective metal include protection against oxidation, its free standing non-compound state and existence in the Earth’s crust.  When electroplated with white gold, rhodium becomes reflective with a whitish hue.  Rhodium, itself, can be electroplated on platinum or gold to add anti-corrosive characteristics.

We didn't mention gold…for a reason
Shoppers of wedding bands default their thinking to gold.  Gold is good, is always worth tons when traded and looks stunning.  However, gold is also missing key characteristics which define longevity – a huge purchase point women need to consider when selecting wedding band styles for men, along with how active they are.

Men working construction, manufacturing jobs and other physically demanding positions will have different wedding band needs than office workers, CEO’s and healthcare pros.  Meet the demands of corrosion protection, scratch resistance and budget by choosing wedding rings best suited to your man’s rigorous daily activity.  Dark is sexy, light is ‘blingy’ and mixtures of both colors accentuate both men with soft sides and working hands.
Cool Wedding Bands for Men- Crown Ring

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