The Causal Shirt- A Renaissance for Every Suit

The Causal Shirt- A Renaissance for Every Suit
A suit’s casual statement is largely defined by your choice of shirt and tie. Both can be bolder and more colourful than the business look, but the shirt should not cross the line into leisure territory.

The sporty button down colour- perhaps the most popular collar shape in the casual segment- works well without a tie. But if you do rather wear one, the options include four-in hand knot. Shark and Kent collars also look quite informal if worn with or without a scarf instead of a tie.

A neck tie colour and patterning play a key role and the choice of material is even more crucial. While woven or printed silk is preferable in a formal look, sporty knit or wool ties add the right accents in the casual sector. The width of the tie varies, depending on the current fashion. If you want a laid-back look that is also cutting edge, you can follow the latest trend-as long the look suits you.

You can find yourself in a situation which your naked neck  is too informal but a tie too formal. In cases like this, an ascot worn beneath the shirt or loosely bound scarf cashmere, wool or silk can offer interesting alternatives. Both serve the purpose of covering the neck to make the look dressier. They also lend a relaxed outfit the desired touch of elegance and added value.

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