Finding the Right Dress Shirts for Your Skin Tone


Finding the right dress shirts for your skin tone doesn’t have to be a trying affair. In fact, it’s a lot simpler than it looks or might seem at first glance. Thanks to the power of the internet, you have countless options when trying to pair apparel to the tone of your skin. Along the way, these simple tips can serve to streamline the process for you.

Lighter Colors Pair Against Darker Tones Best & Vice Versa

The simple rule of thumb when pairing skin tone against dress shirts is that lighter colors generally complement darker skin tones, whereas darker colors generally complement lighter skin tones. However, there are always exceptions to the rules and a few things that you will want to be mindful of along the way. For starters, a pastier and whiter skin tone won’t necessarily look good against solid black shirts, nor will an olive skin tone always contrast impeccably against lighter colored shirts. Sometimes it’s best to see what such shirts might look like (on you) before you consider buying them to find the happy medium for your skin tone. The best place to do this is by either trying them on locally first or by accessing fashion look books to get more ideas.

Getting Ideas from Major Designers

Mainstream fashion designers like Stone Rose, offer beautiful look books that enable you to see what their dress shirts look like on different models. Take some notes on how the skin tone contrasts against the fabrics. Also take notes on the accessories that are paired with the outfits, the type of jeans that are being worn and even the shoes that are on the models. You can use these look books to better understand how your skin tone may complement any shirt that you choose to add to your wardrobe.

Finding Trending Ideas

One of the steps that you will want to take when trying to pair the proper dress shirts with your skin stone is by gleaning ideas from major fashionista sources, something that can be easily done online these days. A very popular website called Look Book features trending styles from around the world. Users are able to even geo-target their search to focus on American styles or worldwide trends. This website can be a helpful resource to you because it depicts countless different models, all with varying skin tones, in different and popular outfits that are trendy and hot right now. Sometimes seeing is indeed believing. In this instance, Look Book can provide some helpful insight into what options you have as far as matching the apparel you wear to your skin tone.

Use Popular Men’s Fashion Advice Websites

Look books, like the aforementioned, are immensely popular these days because they cover emerging fashion trends, and the designers who are behind them. As it relates to dress shirts, look books offer invaluable insight into what is hot and what is not. One place that you should consider when seeking more ideas as to what you can wear with your skin tone is Ask Men, a fashion site that’s dedicated to the anatomy of the male wardrobe, accessories and even hair styles, amongst others. Their latest look book covers some popular designers who are trending now, with plenty of pictures offered in vivid resolution. Use the ideas provided in this look book to better visualize how certain skin tones work with varying color and cut styles of shirts, so you can make the appropriate additions to your wardrobe.
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