10 Tips Men Should Know About Fashion

10 Tips Men Should Know About Fashion
While most men have their own idea of what the term fashionable actually means, here are several tips that would surely put two and two together when it comes to men styling and fashion.

1. Get the right fit. When you are buying clothes, you might tend to choose the baggy ones, thinking they are comfortable and allows more room for movement. However, these clothes also make you look like a clean homeless man. Always go for the impeccable look with tailored clothing that fit well to your body.

2. Simplicity is key. Make sure you don’t overdress when you’re making your way to a dinner party. Try not to use more than 3 accessories at a time. Don’t be too flashy unless necessary. You are not going to a costume party, are you?

3. Casual shouldn’t mean boring. Add a splash of something refreshing to your casual outfits. It doesn’t have to be what you’re used to wearing. You can wear collared shirts if you mean to be casual. American Eagle Outfitters is one of the brands that offer a wide selection of men’s clothing.

4. Take some risks. Always dress to kill. Never be caught underdressed in any occasion so take a few risks in adding a little clothing item or experimenting with your outfits and looks. Step up your styling tactics but try not to outshine your boss.

5. Be detail-oriented. When you are putting together your outfit, make sure you do not forget small details like a scarf or a pocket square. Also make sure the prints and colors of your clothing items match each other.
Be Detail Oriented

6. Match your pieces together. Baggy sweater and tailored silk pants, no. Close-fitting shirt and cargo pants, maybe? Your upper and lower half should match – that’s a fashion rule you should never forget.

7. Tees with a statement. You will find that having a handful of basic tees will help you get through any day. Choose a classic round neck or V-neck tee or find one with creative prints. You will find a lot of statement shirts these days which are fun to wear. Check out Threadless and their artistic t-shirts.

8. Shoes are good investments. When it comes to shoes, always buy high-quality pairs. It is easy to keep your clothes clean and well-ironed, but when you have spotless footwear, everybody notices (especially women). Also, you could be doing a lot of walking around in those shoes for a couple of years so make sure they would last.

9. Designer is not always fashionable. Big-name brands are not always stylish. Just because they cost a lot doesn’t mean they look good on you. You can put together your wardrobe without spending too much on Pradas, Guccis and Givenchy clothes. You might just want to settle on other retailers that fit your budget and your sense of style.

10. Be uniquely you. Be original and make sure that your fashion sense is up to date. It’s a common mistake among men to buy things that are currently in vogue. Most regret it a few weeks or months after because trends have already changed and it is not the “in” thing anymore. So make sure that your style is versatile, flexible and classic.

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