Enjoying Multifarious Wardrobe Options with Well Fitted Men's Polos


Stone Rose HNL 4132 Turquoise Originally the brainchild of professional tennis players in the early 1920s, who sought a shirt that would enable them more freedom of movement during matches while also making them professionally presentable—mens polos have come a long way over the near century since their inception. Today, such shirts are a versatile and timeless addition to any wardrobe. Noted for their marked versatility in garb, polos can be worn as a casual shirt, semiformal and, in some occasions a formal shirt, in addition to also being athletic wear. The truth is that few men’s dress shirts compare to the multifariousness of the polo. What follows are few quintessential reasons why.


Stone Rose AMF 4149 BBlueGuys enjoy versatility in their wardrobe. The ability to effortlessly traverse from work desk to dinner table is a valued merit in polo shirts. Tucked in, they can pair with slacks, dress shoes and a blazer for a more formal appeal. Untucked they sit nicely against shorts (or jeans) and tennis shoes for a semiformal look. Paired with slacks and a dress belt, they offer relaxed office attire. It’s this diversity in application that has helped these shirts become a wardrobe favorite for many a discerning gentleman.

The Power of Fitted

Unwanted bagginess and sagginess is outright quelled with the fitted shirt. It hugs the body, and conforms tightly in all of the right places. Fitted mens polos by Stone Rose, for example, don’t sag at the armpits and leave an unsightly bunch of fabric behind. Nor do they bunch and fold at the midsection around the front or back. Rather, they tightly mold to the biceps, pectorals and abdominal muscles for a contoured fit that’s also comfortable (and rather breathable) with quality shirts that feature a high thread count.

Colorful Options

Nearly the entire color wheel awaits shoppers seeking the perfect shirt and fit. Polos are available in nearly uncountable colors and patterns. From stripes to pinstripe, plaid to checkered, simple to complex (and just about every variation in between). Indeed, the polo is as unlimited in its design as it is timeless in its fashionable application.

High Thread Count Comfort

Certainly, there are some cheaper knock-off brands that feature low thread counts of this popular shirt design. However, for the most part, many brands are actually high-end brands that feature quality textiles with high thread count weaves. The greater the thread count is the more comfortable and resilient any shirt will be. With premium brands, high thread count is nearly always assured.

Simple Shoppers Tips

Stone Rose AMF 4149 WhiteYou basically have two popular options when shopping for these shirts: online or locally. The difference between the two is that you can easily try on shirts locally, whereas when shopping online you need to be cognizant of your dress sizes. If shopping online for rare designer brands, before you make a purchase take a few notes (from below) that will ensure you get the cut and fit that’s right for your body.
  • Sizing matters – Get sized locally at a high-end department store to know your sizes (most will offer to size you for free).
  • Quality matters – Read reviews from magazines and fashion critics to know that you’re going with a respected designer.
  • Fitted matters – Always opt for fitted over unfitted; the differences between the two are immense.
  • Pricing should be your last concern – Good quality shirts are not cheap; and cheap quality shirts are generally not good.

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  1. The fabric is beautiful, the fit is sexy. I normally wear a dress size 10, but according to my measurements on here, it suggested ordering a size 8. I risked it and did, and it fit absolutely perfectly.