Do’s & Don’ts of Casual Look with Suits

Do’s & Don’ts of casual Look with suits
Right or wrong, when it comes to making a casual statement in a suit, the answer isn't black or white. Whereas the dos and don’ts of the business classic look are clearly defined, there are no strict rules for its casual counterpart. Obviously it all depends on whether you are wearing the laid back look when shopping, at the cinema or in the office. Assembling your after work ensembles is first and foremost a matter of personal taste but when you’re at work the relevant corporate culture always requires its due. In other words, restraint is the best policy in the business world; only a fine line separates a skilfully styled casual look from a fashion faux pas.

What to wear: if you go for the casual look at work, you need to protect the same professionalism and poise that you would in conventional business wear. You can safely abandon shades of grey and blue when choosing the suit, so keep on the lookout for more relaxed cuts and low key patterns. Your shirt can be more adventitious as well, and feature a fashionable cut. But there is no need or reason to forswear your neck-tie. You should exercise caution in your choice of belts and shoes unless you work in a creative field or wish to make conscious statement. If this is the case, feel free to venture into boots, sneakers, polo shirts and round neck tees and try out unusual colour combinations. Your goal should be to leverage the freedom offered by the casual look to cultivate your own unmistakeable style. Suit yourself!
Do’s & Don’ts of casual Look with suits
What not to wear: notwithstanding the fun of reinventing the suit, remember never confuse casual with careless. That look of effortless ease requires effort, and a casual look will only be attractive if you look smart and well groomed in it. Make sure that each component of your outfit is of high quality and in perfect condition.

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