Casual Looks with Suit

Casual Looks with SUIT
Nothing makes the man like a perfectly cut suit. This insight has long penetrated to places in which a two or three-piece suit is not necessarily the norm e.g. the media and creative industries- not to mention clubs and restaurants. Even younger men have increasingly come to value a well-dressed look as part and parcel of their lifestyle, and they are turning quite naturally to classic menswear.

This renaissance is certainly die to the incredible multitude of options now available when it comes to rendering a suit more ‘casual’ either by strategic styling or by unusual combinations of colours, patterns and accessories.
Wearing a suit in ‘casual’ mode means divesting it of the formality and rigidity inherent in the traditional business look. The ideal basis is a suit model that, in and of itself, already radiates a certain nonchalance- for example, through its cut, its fabric or the details of the workmanship. Wearing such a suit with a quality casual shirt, a coordinated, preferably nubby-textured neck-tie and sleek leather shoes makes for the laid back look that will send a strong message of style savvy poise despite its fashionable flair. In the leisure segment- and much of the business world (with the exception of traditionally formal branches and top management)- a man wearing this type of outfit will always be regarded as well dressed.

The next rung on the casual look ladder does away with the quintessential symbol of the business wardrobe: the tie. A shirt slightly open at the neck clearly communicates that its wearer has chosen a suit for the simple joy of the elegance it exudes. And not because it’s been imposed upon him by some dress codes. If you prefer an even more unconventional note, don a turtle neck sweater, dressy t-shirt or lightweight denim, and round out the outfit with slim Chelsea boots and a casual coat.
Casual Looks with SUIT- Suit jacket with Lightweight denim shirt
This way you are demonstrating creative class – and style sense far from the madding crowd of those ‘suits’ who are slaves to stereotypical looks.

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