Men’s Suit: What To Wear & What Not To Wear

What to wear: A two or three piece suit with a good fit in navy blue, dark grey or black- or fine pinstripe. An ironed shirt with a shark, Kent or button-down collar. Button cuffs for every day, double or French cuffs if preferred or for special occasions (and then with discreet cufflinks that match your watch). A low-key tie with a knot that fits the collar shape.

A properly folded pocket square that complements the shirt and tie. A streamline belt in a leather coordinated with the shoes and whose buckle echoes the cuff links. Mono-colour knee socks, even in the summer. Classic leather dress shoes with leather soles, polished to perfection.

What not to wear: a badly fitting or wrinkled suit. A shirt with loud patterns or motifs. A shirt without a tie. An open-neck shirt with a loosened tie or a garishly coloured tie. Cuff links with barrel cuffs.

Trousers without a belt if there are belt loops. Visible suspenders or braces. A belt together with braces. Socks that are too short. Light or two toned shoes.

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