Men's Clothing: The Shirt & Tie Combo

Dotted Tie on patterned shirt
The shirt and tie combination is the easiest way to make a statement at work, at least visually. Although the options are limited when choosing a business suit, the sky is the limit when it comes to your shirt and tie. Granted: this also represents a challenge. After all, the way a man pairs his shirt and tie is a sure indication of his style- or lack thereof. But just a little experience and a good sense of colour can make you confident about those daily decisions. Remember, though, the shirt and tie fashions in the business sector are in constant flux. Even if changes are rarely sudden, it’s worth checking the new looks at the beginning of the season.

A good business shirt should go with a blue or grey suit and afford a comfortable fit. Remember, you will be wearing it for hours till end of the day’s work. And since the shirt is the backdrop to the tie, jacket and pocket square, its colour and pattern plays a key role. Classic business options include solid white or blue and thin stripes. Mini checks and understated patterns such as glen check are also widespread. Loud stripes and bright colours are best reserved for casual looks.
Patterned Tie on Striped shirt

Solid Tie on Patterned Shirt

Whether it’s stripped, dotted or solid: the tie should be synchronized with your outfit in terms of its colour, fabric and patterning. Solid ties are best paired with striped or checked shirts to avoid a monotone look. The exception to the rule: a same colour combination of shirt and solid tie. This tone-in-tone duo can appear quite distinguished, but it’s not a classic business look. You can’t really go wrong with diagonal college stripes on your tie. If you add a shirt with stripes, the ones on the need to be more colour intensive than on the shirt. Dotted ties work well with bold solid and striped shirts. Classic colour combinations are white dots on navy or bright red. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the dot, the bolder the tie.

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