Shoes & Belts: Elegance Is a Matter of Details

Shoes & Belt
Shoes are among the most important components of a man’s wardrobe. If their colour, shape or material doesn't harmonize with the suit, they will downgrade the entire ensemble. The opposite is true as well. Traditionally and generally speaking, business shoes should be black, in line with the English gentlemen lotto ‘No brown in town’. Yet rules are made to be broken, and in recent years brown has made its way into dress shoe racks as a true alternative to basic black.

Among the many classic shoe styles, the most formal dress options are those closed laces and understated perforations- or none at all. The black oxford is a prime example. Smooth leather shoes with open laces, for instance the brown derby, are ideally for daily wear at the office. In the business segment, suede or velour leather shoes are better left to trend individualists. As a rule, the more official the occasion, the more streamlined and dark the shoe should be.

One of the best known fashion rules dictates that the belt should match the shoes. Very true. As a consequence, everything in the business sector is focused on black and brown. Differing shades of brown are coordinated in terms of colour intensity and brightness. Leather is the only acceptable material in combination with a suit. The narrower and flatter the belt, the more formal it looks. I advise the colour of the metal buckle should be synch with the wristwatch and cuff links.

Shoes & Belts: Leather Bags
Whether it’s a briefcase, workbag or weekender: for a professional business look, choose a dark leather bag in black or brown. Ideally the colour of the bag should be coordinated to minimize colour contrast. A light travel bag for instance, simply might not work with black shoes.

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