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Schott Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Quality men’s leather jackets are known for their durability and style. Leather jackets are each to their own; no garment is more worth your investment.
A practical investment, the leather jacket can last for many years and if tailored correctly and made using the right material, can last you for years.

Leather jackets have been a fashionable option for over 100 years, where they were originally worn by aviators and military personnel.
Although leather has been a dominant trend in men’s fashion over the years, the style and design of leather jackets tends to change based on the time and predominant culture.

The punks from the 1970’s era styled their leather jackets with chains and studs displaying personality and eccentric ism, however jackets with adornments are not as timeless as those with a classic cut.
The leather motorcycle jacket was of course an iconic piece in the 1950’s although first designs of this type of leather jacket were produced much earlier than that.

Schott NYC who are renowned for designing some of the first leather motorcycle jackets have recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary, proving that demand for such timeless pieces is still high.

A Quality Piece
The secret to the success of the leather jacket almost certainly lies in its durability. Leather has been worn for thousands of years, it’s lost lasting and a real investment.
Unlike other jackets that  may only see you through one or two seasons, leather improves with age - a quality leather is an investment piece that could be part of your winter ensemble for life.

You must be aware of imitations, quality leather will always carry a high price tag, however you honestly get what you pay for. If it looks good then it’s worth spending a little more on - for example the

Schott Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket 
Schott Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket is a timeless piece, first produced in the early 1900’s and still a highly popular choice today.
A quality leather jacket will stay in fashion from season to season; its durability is second to none. The worn-in effect that will develop over time and will only add to its character.

Leather is an iconic menswear fashion piece. With regards to wear and design a well-made leather jacket will always stand the test of time and still look as sharp as the day you bought it. Leather jackets can go with a variety of styles and are ideal for both work and play.

Leather jackets are a piece of clothing that will go with pretty much anything, the right jacket will stay resilient against the weather from autumn to spring. When searching for a new jacket look for quality, spending that little extra will prove its worth on the long run.

The secret to getting your leather looking at its best is to wear it, the more aged your leather jacket is the more stylish it becomes. Wearing your leather jacket allows the leather mould to your body shape. Leather provides the most flexibility and will more likely look good with every outfit choice.

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