Men's Business Classic Look

Men's Business Classic Look

Today business wear for men is just as diversified as the business world itself. As a consequence the perfect look depends more than ever on the profession a man pursues. In banks, law offices, insurance companies and consulting firms, the dress code still tends to be conservative. And that for good reason, a suit with an understated colour scheme, a light coloured shirt with a tie and classic black leather shoes project an image of dependability and competence. In the media or creative industries, a business look can be more laid back or even autonomously self-defined. Here too, the suit is an excellent choice because it can be as flexible as the man who wears it.

Despite today’s less stringent demands on a wardrobe, a sense of style remains just as indispensable as knowledge of the basics. Here are some of the basic rules to achieve the classic business look:
Men's Business Classic Look

- The Colour: Navy blue, Grey or Black
- The Colour Intensity: The darker the colour, the more respectable the suit looks.
- The Shirt: Light with long sleeves. A solid colour or subtly patterned.
- The Tie: A must. With low key colour and design.
- The Shoes: A classic dress shoe in smooth black or brown leather.
- The Socks: Knee length socks are mandatory. The rule says ‘preferably in the same colour as the trouser’, but I prefer a different colour from the trousers but if you are not confident enough to pull that off stick to the rule.
- The Belt: Streamlined, in leather and colour coordinated to match the shoes.
- The Accessories: Wristwatch, ring, cuff links, bracelet, pocket square, bag.
- The Quality: Choose the best you can get.

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