Top Menswear Formal Accessories

Menswear Formal Accessories
Suits are very good in making a positive impression. They are classic menswear that indicates the height of sophistication and elegance in men’s fashion. Irrespective of the colour of your suit(s), there are some top notch accessories that can make you stand out from your colleague in your workplace.

If your job is the type that requires suit from Monday to Friday, you need to put this on your Christmas wish list or must have list. Every week ‘suit wearers’, you would agree with me that it gets so boring a times that you wish you have something new in your wardrobe to rejuvenate your look. Those items you need are accessories…

Ties: These are very important accessories if you want to complete the ‘million dollar look’ you wished for. Almost all men on the face of the earth have this piece of cloth but the quality, pattern design and combination with your shirts and suits set you apart. I recommend that you spend little more and buy quality instead of quantity. Remember wearing a quality silk tie properly tied and fastened is probably the fastest way to improve the overall appearance and doubling your chances of leaving a favourable impression.
Menswear Formal Accessories- Tie & Tie Bar
Tie Bars: Ties are not complete without them. They hold your tie to the front of your shirt and prevents it from flapping; adding a professional, neater and polished image to your look. Depending on the level you want to wear them, make sure the tie bar looks good with your tie.

Pocket Squares: This little piece of cloth is a separator between the good and great fashionable men. It adds a finishing panache to a good suit, a dash of colour and style to your wardrobe. Also, a properly folded pocket square will always add a touch of uniqueness to your overall look.

Cuff-links: According to Wikipedia, ‘A cuff-link is a DECORATIVE fastener worn by….’  Being decorative means it can add some personal style to your suits and dress shirts. It allows you to show off a bit of attitude without been tacky.  Do yourself a favour this Christmas; buy some dress shirts with French cuff, mix them with the conventional button types.
Menswear Formal Accessories- cufflinks
Bracelets: This wrist accessory is meant to illustrate your fashion taste and relax your rigid corporate look. They are excellent additions to your suit styling. Because of the formality of suits, you need to be weary of the kind of bracelet(s) you are wearing. Keep it to one or two on your wrist and please don’t wear the skull types with your suits except if your work environment permits it.
Top Menswear Formal Accessories- Bracelet & Wrist Watch
Wrist Watch: One accessory that can never go out of style, at least for the next 50 years. You can pair a bracelet on the same wrist as your watch. If you own high end or expensive watches make sure the bracelet justice the quality of your watch. Remember the word Quality and Style, your wrist watch(es) must scream this.

Think or know of any men’s accessories that can add to your formal look? Please do let me know through the comment box below.

What’s your New Year fashion resolution? To look more dapper, cleaner?

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