Wardrobe Update: Men’s Monk Strap Shoes

Men's Double Monk Strap Shoe
It’s time to loss the shoe lace. Yeah! It’s time to buckle instead of tying. What is better than a great shoe that makes a statement? The advantage of monk strap is it goes with everything from your jeans to suits.

Be it double or single monk strap, don't be shy with them. Showcase them with hemmed trousers if you can and hey! You can make your own rules by leaving the top buckle unfastened but you can't do that with suits, just with a perfect well-worn jeans or chinos.

Antoine+Stanley is updating fall wardrobes with its handmade Knox monk strap shoe made from the finest imported suede. Traditionally a formal look for men, the monk strap shoe is the latest quirky and fun trend dominating men’s fashion and Australian shoe brand Antoine+Stanley is leading the way.
Antoine+Stanley Knox Monk Strap Shoe

Now available on ASOS

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