Wardrobe Essential: Lightweight Men’s Denim Shirt

River Island Floral Print Denim

Lightweight men’s denim shirt is currently stealing a lot of the limelight and this is because it can be worn all year round. With the revival of the double denim look, it creates more room to be creative with different shades and design patterns of denim.
Double Denim
Due to its lightweight, it can be worn over with a vest or tee. Whether layering or stand-alone, it is a perfect attire to create a modern, sophisticated causal look. Change in the way the fashion world view the fabric has seen it coming out in different varieties like Aztec print design denim shirt, ties, pocket squares.

With its year round appeal, you can keep it simple and functional whilst utilizing key trend led pieces with it to create a fashionable ensemble. Read more on denim shirt on 360nobs….

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