Tips On Buying Menswear Online


Online shopping can be unsettling even to the most gentleman of fashion and style. No matter how ‘professional’ you claim you are on buying clothing online, you can still find yourselves in situations that the menswear you order is not what you actually anticipated.

Buying menswear online have its advantages and disadvantages but I think the advantages are more when compared with the disadvantages, that is if you are buying from a reputable and trusted online store. Let’s take a look at different issues we encounter whenever we are making that order for the sought after menswear we always desire to have in our wardrobes.

Size: This is KING in menswear. Getting your size right is like bagging a first class honours from Harvard University. When buying online you don't have the opportunity to try them on, you select based on what the online store ‘push’ to you. If you are not use to online shopping, hard-to-translate measurements may be hard to distinguish (i.e. UK, US & European measurements). But I don't think that should be an issue anymore. Majority of the online clothing stores I know of do have like a size guide or manual to help in cases of difficulties.

Approach a tailor to take your measurements if the size guides are not helpful. Write it on a piece of paper/business card and keep it somewhere you can easily reach for it. Make sure your chest and neck measurements are correct, online stores base their sizes on these two for shirts. For jeans and trousers, waist and length will do.

Don't be fooled by models wearing the clothes. What you ordered for may not be that cool as anticipated by you. It looks good on him (the model) but that probably doesn't help you out. Some sites are helpful by stating the body size of the model which might be helpful if you are of the same body size.
It is advisable you pay attention to the written details like ‘about garment’, ‘size & fit’ or whatever the site calls it. Pictorial details are cool but that is not enough for you to decide especially if you are the type that pays attention to fabrics.

Ok, you finally nailed down your perfect shirt, stick to it! Except there is an increase in body size and you start all over again but this time easier.

Have any experience while shopping online? Do comment below and share

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