Men's Wardrobe: What To Toss Out

Men's Wardrobe: What to toss out
For a man, an organized, well arranged wardrobe is a Herculean task. We just want to wake up and see it well arranged. It’s rare to see a man with a neatly arranged wardrobe. We just love to throw clothes anywhere we like after a long hard day. I am not left out but I try as much as possible to throw the dirty clothes in the laundry basket and weekly cleaning of my room.

If you don’t have your wardrobe organized, it would be hard to tell what and what no longer fit your size or taste. What is the point of having too many clothes and yet you never have anything to wear. Also, a crowded wardrobe can keep you from making the most of the clothing you do wear and enjoy.

First you need to understand what you want, what kind of style you want to represent, then weed out the pieces you don’t like or that won’t fit into your style. Slowly introduce new pieces and I won’t advise you to shop once. You should start with the essentials, clothes you know you can’t do without.

Choosing what piece to toss out can be confusing especially if you don’t know what fits well on your body frame. But I am sure a fitting shirt, suit, trousers looks good on every guy, so you should start with that…. Then roll up your sleeves and get ready to trash the unwanted;

Non Fitting Clothes: They should be the first set to be thrown out. If you so much love the cloth and you think it can turn heads. Approach your experienced tailor to amend it (them) but not all clothes are to be amended.

Old, faded clothes: This category has no place in your wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans: If you are over 23-25 years I think you need to stop dressing like a rock star except you are one. Go for fitted slim cut trousers or jeans and note that there is a huge difference between skinny and slim.

Slogan Tshirts:  T-shirts with inscriptions like ‘I Love New York’, ‘I Love My Girlfriend’ we know you do and you don’t need to announce to the whole world cos we know you are going to dump her soon. LOL, kidding. But seriously, you need to get rid of that t-shirt. You can just pass them to your lil brother, that way you still get the see the ‘I Love My Girlfriend’ reminder.
Slogan Tees for Men
Torn Socks: You should be spanked if you have holes in your socks and you still wear them. They are so cheap you can get 5 pairs of River Island socks for £7-10.

Worn out Shoes should not be left out.

Don’t forget to use a proper hanger and ensure your clothes have a good smell. Don’t hesitate to comment via the comment box below if you have more tips.

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