Tips On Buying Your First Suit

Tips On Buying Your First Suit
When it comes buying your first suit, you should know what you're looking for before buying your
first suit, it goes beyond the colour of the suit. Colour, no doubt is an important feature to consider 
but what about the lapel, button, trouser length, jacket sleeve length? Is it for the office, church or 
wedding? .... All these you need to put into consideration. 

Every morning when going to work, I discover some men still don't consider fit as king. FIT, FIT, FIT- 

you read it, hear it, even smell it on all fashion related blog and websites. If you think you can’t get 
your size in a store, search for an experienced tailor that can make you a well tailored suit. Don't 
forget to be vocal when expressing your style to the tailor.

Since the colour of your suit is the first opportunity to make a positive impression, choosing the right 
shade for the right occasion is important. For office/business purpose, it is going to be worn a lot 
during the week so it will need to be versatile and probably you will need another suit to alternate. If 
you rarely need to wear it, a black, navy blue or gray will always be a safe choice. On the other hand, 
you wear suits regularly, you probably need to purchase one of each colours mentioned. Wearing 
one all week won't do you any good.

With the lapel you have two options; notch or peaked. Notch is more common and standard for 
most business suits. Peak lapel is common and mostly appropriate for double breasted suit and 
I understand it is a challenging tasking for even experienced tailors to properly cut it on single 
breasted suit .
Tips on Buying Your First Suit
It is a common sight to see one or two buttons on a single breasted suit (It is not advisable to buy a 
double breasted suit as your first suit), though I still see three or more button suits, I don’t advise 
that you purchase one. Ideal number of buttons is either one or two. In two buttons, the top buttons 
should always be buttoned when standing.

I have been talking about the jacket but what about the lower part (trouser). To get the right trouser 
length, you need to get the break right. There are different types of break; high, half, quarter or no break. No break or quarter is the ideal style for a modern man. Too much break on your trouser looks sloppy.

Finally, do try to test the suit with a good fitting shirt and a pair of shoes. Other than the above 
points, buying your first suit is more about personal preference. Material, patterns, tie combos, 
shirts and the list goes on.
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