Sock It To Me: How Do Socks Appeal

Polka Dot Socks
From the colourful Bart Simpson socks pocking out from under your trouser leg to the bold knee-length checked socks making a statement on the golf course, the humble sock has long been a great way for people, and men in particular, to show off a bit of their personality.
It’s not unusual for one to receive a compliment on how ‘cool’ their socks are.  Socks are just as much noticed as a man’s tie.
And by offering an outlet for your style, socks also become a fantastic fashion accessory. So if you’re thinking of investing in some new pairs, how can you guarantee to get the look spot on, and what do your socks say about you?

Fun socks

Polka Dot Sock
Whether you’ve bought them for yourself or been given a pair from a friend, fun socks, with their bright, colourful designs and personal meanings, are great for unleashing your personality on the world. Though these occasionally lack finesse, many people now wear fun socks in an ironic way to make a contemporary style statement.
Do you have a favourite animal?  There are many socks that don various animals and even sparkly socks that will make your footwear stand out, especially if they’re plain.

Subtle socks

Subtle Socks
Where the fun sock allows the wearer to expose a little of their personality, the subtle sock can at first be mistaken for a conventional and everyday work sock.
However take a closer look and the design will reveal itself to you with rows of bicycles riding on top of each other or multi-coloured geometric designs livening up your footwear and telling the world that, although you conform on the outside, deep down you’re a secret rebel.

Invisible socks

Invisible Socks
If you tend to wear shorts with trainers or just don’t want your sock to be on show, invisible socks (cut below the ankle line) could be the perfect solution. Available in a range of colours and designs, these socks tell the world that you’re a fashion perfectionist, not happy until your look is exactly right.

Festive socks

Festive Socks
Unless your friends and family have endless imagination when it comes to gifts, there’s a good chance at least one Christmas or birthday has seen you opening up a pair of jazzy festive socks.
Like fun socks, these are often worn ironically but are also great for wearing around the house and when out with friends.
Why not try wearing a pair of fun/jazzy socks with your pumps, it looks super cute if you’re wearing a skirt or a dress.  If you’re a guy, then why not wear them with your business suit and show your fun side.
Bright and colourful or subtle and sensible, socks are just as important to your overall look as any other accessory so it’s important you give them the time of day!
Next time you’re out buying some fancy footwear, give your socks a second thought and they’ll help you look great from head to toe.

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Jim Rowland is a freelance stylist based in Australia who enjoys the latest in men's fashion. When he is not busy with photo-shoots and events, he loves to frequent his local cafe for a good cup of coffee.

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