Product Review: Tailor4less Men’s Custom Made Dress Shirt

Tailor4less custom made shirt
My custom made shirt arrived on the scheduled date and as promised in ‘My Experience On Tailor4less- An Online Made To Measure Clothing Store’ here is a true and fair review of the shirt. Allow me to say this ‘Choosing the best custom made company is like finding a good, faithful wife’

Stitches & Seams: Clean sewn shirt. These 3 letter word best describe what i have here with me. The button holes, the cuff, the collar, everything were finely constructed. Even the inside out was hemmed properly that you may find it difficult to differentiate it from the outside.
Tailor4less custom made shirt- seam & stitiches

Fabric Quality: This is one feature that i prioritize whenever am shopping for any kind of men’s clothing. Immediately i removed the shirt from the FedEx pack, this was what i checked for straight. Every guy needs at least a shirt that makes him feel awesome and this is one feature that you can’t do without if you want to look/feel awesome.

To further test the quality of the Portland Wrinkle free fabric, i dipped the shirt in a lukewarm water to test how it will react in water. And the shirt did perfectly fine, no colour washing, no losing of texture/fabric firmness, no thread losing and no shrinking. Based on various online reviews have read about tailor4less, these were things i was looking out for and i must confess... the quality of the fabric is on point. Even after ironing, it still maintain its original shape.

Fit: Fit is King. You practically see the word everywhere. Even a million dollar shirt will look like s##t (pardon me) if it doesn’t fit. The fit was great, no issues. Got the shirt the way i ordered for it.
Tailor4less custom made shirt- Fit

In summary.....
Easy registration.
Fast shipping.
Easy to style & design shirt.
Clean cut, stitches and finish.
Quality fabric
Fits well according to the measurement submitted.
Measurements videos are quite helpful.
Fabric options.
For as low as $55 you can get a custom made shirt.

I noticed tailor4less only offer a sewn-in kind of collar stay. I am of the opinion that customer should have the luxury of choosing how they want it. Some men may prefer a button down collar to collar stay kind-of-collar. While some may prefer a removable collar stay to a sewn-in collar stay.

No Instruction tag on shirt on how to care/washing instructions for the shirt. This will go a long way in caring for the fabric.

Packaging can be improved but this whatsoever does not reduce the quality of the shirt. A catalogue or pamphlet can be added for the customer to see more of tailor4less services/products.

Visit tailor4less to order for your custom made shirt for as low as $55. I recommend you check them out.

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