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A Dapper Man on Dapsongent
According to thefreedictionary.com, dapper means neatly dressed, trimmed, and very stylish in dressing. Another meaning on the same website says ‘lively and alert’. So it’s not just only about your appearance, your reaction/behavior also matter. Come to think of it, whenever you are wearing this awesome attire in your wardrobe, you will be confident, everywhere, sharp, alert! Right? That shows that whenever you know you are looking good, you exhume more confidence than when you are not. Imagine looking good every day? That is everyday confidence and liveliness.

A man that knows how to dress well will surely stand out from his peers or colleagues. Dressing well is now seen as an art. Tips on how to be a dapper.… & dandy

A dapper man should get the right fit: this is of utmost importance. It helps to enhance your looks and body frame.

A dapper man should pay attention to details: Be dandy with your cuff links, pocket-square, ties, bracelet, colour & pattern combination. Get smart cuff links and ties that will enhance and complement your shirt colour. Colour & pattern is an important feature to have in mind when combining your tie and shirt.
A Dapper Man on Dapsongent
A dapper man should pair his shoe and belt…. Make sure you match the colour of your shoe with your belt. In some cases, getting a belt with the same colour of the shoe may be hard. In this case, wear a belt with similar colour.

A dapper man should go for the right trouser: opt for a pair of trouser that sits well on your waist. The cuff of the trouser should sit just on the shoe. Go for the modern man trouser break, Single/Quarter or No break... Or highwaters, if you want to go for the extreme.
A Dapper Man on DapsonGent
A dapper man should invest in quality shirts:  You should own many button up dress shirts that fit well and of many colours. Start your wardrobe with white, oxford blue if you don’t know where to start. These colours are easy to pair with any colour. You should own several white t-shirts also; these will serve as undershirt and makes your dress shirts last longer.

A dapper man should get a unique eye-wear: Find a pair of sunshades that complement the shape of your face and also expresses who you are.

A dapper man shoes and socks: Are you expecting me to say ‘match your socks with your trouser’? I don’t belong to that school, I believe your socks is another way of adding colour to your outfit if you wear just white shirt and black suit every day. Get lovely looking patterned socks to finish off that dapper look.

A dandy man should get a proper suit: If you are buying a suit for the first time, go for black, navy blue or grey. Also a two button notched lapel jacket is a good choice. You can go for double breasted or patterned suit if you are confident with the suits in your wardrobe, it’s like moving to the next stage in suit wearing.

And finally get a good wristwatch, it will add to your elegance and personality. Have more tips to be a dapper, dandy man? Please don't hesitate to comment below.
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