Tips on Men's Fashion Trends

The Trend In Men's Fashion

A renewed interest in looking sharp means that men’s fashion just keep getting interesting. Now is the time to be bold and forget about fashion rules you’ve learnt, although you need to follow some if you are clueless of what to do, this way you won’t cause pandenonium on the walkway.. lol jus kidding.

If you are going for high fashion look, shoes with a touch of colour can help. Put aside your basic black or brown shoes and add a cool colour to take create a fashionable look. Shoes with a two-toned or multi-coloured look are a distinct way to add interest to your outfit without going overboard. Avoid pairing overpowering patterns and colours with your two-toned shoes. Instead of choosing a striped button-down, opt for a simple solid in one of the shoe shades.
Trend In Men's fashionTrend In Men's fashion

Trend In Men's Fashion

Printed and striped t-shirts is in town now. Prints like single patterns, polka dots, flowery prints are perfect for creating smart casual outfits. Solid colour tees with print design on the pocket is not left out. Printed tees with a solid coloured casual short should do on a hot afternoon.
It’s no more news, shorts and jackets are the new cool forget about boring combos like shirts and pants. If you are to don them, pair them carefully to look different from the next guy. Be bold with your shorts and other clothing.
Men's Twisted Soul White Reverse Block Print T Shirt

Men's Blue Inc Aztec Grey Marl T Shirt
men printed tshirt

You do more formal wears? Don’t worry, accessories are the real key to nailing the modern day dandy man, so invest in awesome staples like a good tie, pocket squares, patterned socks, bracelets, blazer. On a casual Friday, your blazer with unique geometric patterned tee and chinos would do.
trend in men's fashion

We are to expect more explosive geometric patterns, abstract shapes and colourful  designs in men’s fashion, just take your time when buying and think of what you have in your wardrobe that will complement.
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  1. Thank you for posting that,it's useful!You are very nice!

  2. Interesting article Oladapo, cheers for posting! Agree with you regarding patterns (that sweater in picture one is absolutely amazing).

    1. Thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

  3. So great job in men's fashion, thank you for sharing your fashion ideas.Men can also dress up like women,so do not miss the choice.

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  6. Love this dress,and it's so colorful,it's my love!And the shoes is also nice.

  7. this is the very interesting article i love this shirt and the blue colour shoes these are my favorite well designed

  8. Great blog! I always think wearing bold patterns is quite easy and adding a bit of colour with a bright t-shirt etc. isn't as scary as we think however bright shoes are something I often fear. I am a man who worships the brown and black shoes so am not sure if I could quite make the move towards bright- is there perhaps a less stand out shoe you could recommend easing me into it?

    1. Hi, thank you for the comment. Having loads of black and brown shoes is not a sin and also buying one or two shoes that are not either brown and black is not a sin either.
      You can start with a suede brown shoe with navy blue design detail, saw something like that on asos in the sales section. Though not that formal but you can wear them on a Friday. Need more help? hint me at

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