Short or Tall? Men's Wear Tips For Your Height

Tall and short man

When it comes to dressing, either tall or short, you must understand that it is a concept completely individual to you. What may work Mr A may not work for you. The most common concern for tall men is not appearing lanky and stout for short men.

We have distinct colour, unique design patches and geometric prints designs today that can be used to draw attention away from or to specific parts of the body. Dressing well and looking your best can be quite easy once you have these random tips in mind

Stripes: I am sure you are expecting this, it’s on every fashion blog. Tall, slim guys should take advantage of the horizontal stripe, gives the illusion that your body mass is more than what you have while short men should do vertical stripes, makes you look taller.....

Custom Made Clothing: If you are having trouble finding your proper fit, try custom made clothes. Though it might be expensive but its worth it if you can afford it. Loose fits do not flatter and will simply hang off a typical slim figure. Instead, make sure the clothes fits and well finished. Be vocal when it comes to explaining or saying what you want, don’t assume that the tailor/designer knows all. I made that mistake and i still have that waistcoat in my wardrobe untouched! Online stores like Blank Label, Brook Brothers, tailor4less do offer to make custom made shirts and suits.

Take advantage of layering to bulk out a lean, slim figure. A simple t-shirt under a dress shirt will do. You can also take advantage of your suit lapel shape, a peak lapel draws attention to the chest and shoulder visually lengthening a short man body.

With regards to the lower half, slim jeans can be lengthening at times for short men. Slim or straight cut are generally the most pleasing for tall men. Don’t forget to turn up your trouser hem.

Short guys can elevate their height by going for dress shoes with thicker soles. These can easily add to your height while thin soled shoes are best bet for tall men. Also wide ties should be a no go area for short men, gives that bulky image you don’t want people to see.
Brogue Shoe on NordstromBoot on Nordstrom

Colour: For tall guys, avoid dressing in one colour, one colour on a tall guy is intimidating. As said earlier, colours can be used to drawn attention away from a specific part of the body i.e wearing bold colours on the part you want to emphasize. By wearing contrasting colours on your top and bottom help create a break vertically. Short guys can do one colour, prevents obvious break in your frame. When doing colours, bear in mind the colour wheel.

Prints and patterns can do the same job of the colour, you can use it to emphasize or draw attention to a specific part of your body.

Lastly, short men should avoid double breasted suit... makes you look bulky due to the rows of button.

You have more tips? Do comment below.
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