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If you have issues or trouble finding that proper fit you long for, why not try custom made clothing. You have the luxury to create your style and look your best. Most times when it comes to dress shirt, i find it difficult getting that proper fit for my neck and body. It’s either the neckline is too small or the body fit is just too big. If not the neck or ballooning effect on the waist, the sleeve length will come in so what i do is buy a shirt that fits my neck properly (15½) with the sleeve length fitting too, then i give to an experienced tailor to do the body fitting... & sleeves also if necessary. This for sure do cost me more.

I was intrigued when Rafael contacted from tailor4less about reviewing one of their products (a dress Shirt). I was intrigued because i have never actually tried out an online made to measure clothing store, though i do browse through some on the internet but not to the extent of designing what i want.
On agreeing to Rafael’s request, i was instructed to create an account (for new customers) which was quite easy and fast. After that i proceeded to designing of the shirt;

Custom Shirt- Style Section on Tailor4less

Style: On this section, i get to choose the collar style, number of collar buttons, sleeve length, the shirt fit (slim, normal or loose), the cuff style (single cuff button, squared french cuff, etc), pleats, button fastening style, e.t.c. As you choose/select what style you want, the shirt model on the right hand side keeps changing according to what you are selecting, this way i get to see the outcome of the shirt style that i was designing/creating. This applies to other design sections also.

Select a Fabric: After styling, you move to this section. I think this is one section before measurements that is important. Don’t get me wrong, all stages are important but i prioritize this section next after measurement. You get to select the kind of fabric and shirt pattern you want. They do have nice pattern designs both suitable for casual and formal wears.

Personal Style: This is the last section of designing your shirt where you get to inscribe your initials or whatever you want on the shirt. I enjoyed customizing the neck and cuff, i kept clicking on different colours and designs. On clicking ‘customize neck’ either outer or inner neck whichever you prefer ( i went for inner neck), different fabric prototypes popped up on the screen. Then you choose the colour and pattern design you want for the neckline, this applies to the cuff also.

You have other options of customizing the elbow patch and choose the button thread colour you want. I think the problem with this part is the low number of thread colour to choose from. You can just delete this subsection if you can’t find the thread colour you want. I understand that the colour of the fabric will be used instead.

On completion of designing the shirt, i proceeded to the shopping cart which shows the total cost of the custom made shirt and shipping costs. On the lower part of the webpage, i discovered the measurement tab after thinking ‘no measurement?’

For new customers, you are required to input your height, age, body weight and choose your body type. You have to be sincere and truthful or the estimated measurement will be wrong. On inputting the required information, an estimated measurement required for shirt making came up in cm which was later changed to inches on request. You think the estimated measurement is not what you want?

You have the option of putting down your measurements manually. In my own case, the estimated measurements were close but i opted for manual measurement for a better, proper fit. Afraid that you may have issues measuring yourself, don’t worry there are videos and pictorial tutorials to aid you which were helpful. These information are stored automatically so that you don’t have to input them all over again when designing and buying another shirt.

Lastly, you pay and wait for 2 weeks. I discovered that you can check the progress of what you've paid for i.e still in reception, tailoring or already on sea (shipping initiated). As at the time of writing this piece, the shirt i designed was in the tailoring stage.

The number of emails and help from Rafael Calle were exceptional, i want to believe this is how they treat other customers. This prompted me in writing this piece, I think the procedure involved in the shirt styling are quite easy to understand.
Now i can’t wait to lay my hands on the shirt which i will still write a review on. Give it a trial and let me know about your experience.
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  1. I'm agree with you that "A Good Shirt Sewing the collar is One That Fits Well." A tailored shirt definitely fits better because it is customized to your body structure. Once you've gone tailor made, retail shirts shall fade.
    Made To Measure Shirts

  2. The other major benefit of a fitted shirt is it boosts your confidence. Sounds strange but it is true from my experience. When you feel comfortable you are ready for anything.

    1. Hey, thank you for your comment. Being comfortable in whatever you wear is paramount