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If you plan on spending any time by the water this summer, now is a good time to take stock of your swimwear requirements. Men’s beach fashion has recently stepped it up a notch integrating many fashion trends into the mix. If you want to look stylish, there are several shopping tips worth being mindful of. Let’s check out some of the trends in men’s swimwear for summer 2013 and a few tricks on putting your beach clothes together.

Give A Printed Pair Of Trunks A Go For A Modern Update

Prints are really popular this summer when it comes to men’s swimming trunks. This reflects the popularity of print in all areas of fashion. Buying a pair of print trucks will update your beach style instantly. Floral or leaf prints are a great choice for men that can handle a bit of fashion forwardness as they are very in at the moment. Hibiscus prints are ideal if you are sitting on the fence, because they also possess a classic undertone. If you don't mind standing out try a pair of trunks in a print that has a more traditionally feminine association. This year designers have utilized elements like pink flowers into the menswear mix.

Striped prints are another classic style that has been reworked. Look for trunks that feature stripes of different widths in the one design. For example, a pair of trunks with one thick block of colour across the hips and multiple skinny stripes down the legs. Another trend to keep an eye out for is the ombre print. This is where two colors are blended together gradually, rather than starting and ending in a solid line. This looks is reminiscent of 1960s free living. As men tend to have lean hips they can work stripes well. JC Penney is currently offering a good range of modern printed trunks.

If You Plan On Wearing A Shirt In The Water Buy A Specialized Swim Tee

A t-shirt can provide extra protection from the sun…or a little modesty if you haven't been spending any time at the gym. Specialized swim tees provide many additional benefits to a basic t-shirt and they look better once you get in the water. Many are made from the same fabric as speedos which is lightweight and molds to the body when it get wet. This means it won't weigh you down like a loose cotton t-shirt will. Some designs offer enhanced U.V protection. Good versions are designed to withstand fading in the sun, chlorine or salt water, and are quick drying. Kohl’s offers several swim tees at reasonable price points.

Buy A Nice Pair Of Flip Flops Or Water Shoes

If you want to look great, you need to consider what you wear from head to toe, as others tend to view us as a whole. If you partner your trunks with any old pair of scruffy flip flops, or sneakers it will pull your look down. Black slim line flip flops, slides or surf style water shoes will work well with most swim trunks. Or try buying a pair of flip flops or shoes that are the same color as one of the colors in your trunks.

Add A Great Pair Of Sunglasses and A Hat

Following on from the last tip stylish sun protection is also essential to a stylish beach appearance. When it comes to men's sunglasses, aviators are always in style and therefore make a good choice if you want a pair that will endure changes in fashion. If you'd like to try a trend, check out sunglasses that integrate the colour block trend. These styles feature bold coloured arms or rims. Some styles feature a different colour on each arm, or in the inside of each arm. Straw fedoras, or plain cotton ivy or drivers caps are all stylish hat options for summer 2013.

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