Men's Pocket Neccessities


When you leave your house in the morning, there are three items that a man can’t forget or let me say hard to forget; your keys, wallet and mobile phone. Between these three things you probably don’t have much room for anything else in your pocket. If only the fashion gods made our pocket bigger, fashion gods or not there are other items that you should think about bringing along also.

I have read and heard people saying your suit jacket inner pockets are not meant to serve the purpose of a pocket. Let’s give this a thought; it won’t be there if it is not meant to serve that purpose so feel free to use it, just don’t over stuff it.

Whether you keep them in the pockets of your pants, jacket pocket or in a bag or briefcase, here are things that every man should have in his pocket at all times

Handkerchief. Sound disgusting? Sure, but a handkerchief can come in handy. Besides blowing your nose or wiping off your sweaty face, this can be used to wipe clean your glasses, dry your hands if there aren't any paper towels in the restroom or offer it to a weeping woman *winks*

Pen & Notepad. A smart, gentleman needs to carry this all time. You never know when you need to write down a reminder, number or leave a note for someone. With the technology we have now, you can probably do all these functions on your phone but a pen and paper is classier and besides you can’t leave a note for someone you don’t have their contact details. Also, thinking about asking for a girl’s number in a noisy environment, shouting and yelling won’t do you any good. You can just pass a note, easy!

USB drive. We are in a tech-savvy world. You probably need this to quickly exchange files between you and your colleague.

Lighter/match. If you happen to smoke, then it is not a problem. But if not, it is something you might need as a source of light of needed. If not using it for yourself, you can be classy and light the cigarette of a lady.

Note that a thick wallet looks like a tumour, not stylish. You shouldn't be carrying anything that is not regularly needed in your wallet. Reduce the cash and business cards; instead get a business card holder and apply for credit/debit cards if you have to carry them about all time.
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