How To Match Your Pattern Shirts With Your Tie

Learning how to match your shirts and ties could be an art if you know how to. Men’s tie comes in various designs and patterns, matching them properly with your shirts can be headache at times. Most men buy ties without putting into consideration what they have in their wardrobe. In order to match your ties with your shirts, you need to buy ties that complements more of your shirts not buying them because they look great. Though it’s good to buy awesome looking ties but it is more important they match your clothing.
Matching solid colours is way too easy but combining patterns add more vibes and character to your look .

Here are some tips to help in matching some pattern shirts with your ties.

- Start with the primary colour of your shirt. I will advise that your tie should always be darker in colour than your shirt.

- After establishing the primary colour of your shirt, then choose a tie with similar colour on the pattern. Although not all times but it helps if you are at a dead end in choosing.

- When combining patterns, make sure they visually complement i.e avoid patterns that have identical or similar proportions. E.g mandras check shirt with broad striped tie
- Now the collar and tie, make sure they are in right proportion with each other i.e. the size of your collar should complement the width of your tie.

- Finally your tie length, make sure they are not too long. Ideal length is belt buckle or a little above it.

Add some fun with some cool designs or graphics, it’s not all about the rules every time.

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