How To Choose A Watch That Suits Your Needs

The prevalence of all the technology in our lives offers us easy access to time, but around 6 out of 7 people still own a watch. This is probably largely due to the fact that a watch not only serves a functional role, but also an aesthetic one. If you are looking to purchase a new watch, there are several things worth considering when it comes to selecting one that perfectly suits your needs.

Consider Both Color And Fabrication

Watches come in many different colors and fabrications. Dress watches are typically made from either gold or silver tone metal and sometimes feature a leather band.  Leather bands can prove more comfortable on the skin than metal bands as they are not as affected by heat and cold. However, they can stretch out of shape over time, so make sure you choose one that offers enough holes in the band to tighten it up when this occurs. Kenneth Cole has a nice variety of modern men’s and women’s leather strap watches.

Consider what colour jewelry you often wear before selecting a watch. A lot of men have silver tone watches, but when they get married, may start wearing a gold wedding band. A good option to cover both bases is to buy a two tone watch that integrates both silver and gold tone metal.

Sports style watches are generally made from some form of plastic and come in all sorts of colours. If you like to wear quite a range of colors you could always look for a watch that offers an interchangeable strap option. J.Crew offers the Timex watch range that can be worn with different straps. There are 11 solid colours to choose from and 7 stripe versions.  

Think About The Face Size And Shape

When choosing any piece of jewelry that you intend on wearing regularly one of the things worth considering is your frame size. If you have a small wrist, you are likely to look best wearing a watch with a small face. In reverse those with big wrists tend to be better suited to large watch faces.

The face shape can be chosen mostly based on personal preference. However, it can be nice to choose a frame that works with your personal style. For example, it is suggested that those who like to wear structured fashion should try square or rectangle watches. If you wear clothes that fit to your curves, or have a more undone style you might like to try a round or oval watch face.

Would A Digital Or Roman Numeral Watch Suit You Better?

Watches generally tell the time in two different formats; through a digital display of the numbers or by using hands that point to Roman numerals or numbers. Digital watches are typically associated with sporting pursuits and are therefore better suited to casual attire. Roman numeral styles are suited to all other occasions. If you want one watch that will cover all your needs, some watches feature a Roman numeral face with a very small digital panel below.

Which Method Of Timekeeping Is Right For You?

Watches keep time in various ways, with some of the most common being through the use of batteries, crystal quartz , mechanical winding or solar power. Battery powered digital watches tend to be the most affordable and quite accurate at time keeping until the battery runs low.

Crystal quartz watches are known for being the most accurate at time keeping, but do tend to be more expensive. Mechanical wound watches can be quite affordable, but can lose quite a bit of time over the course of a year, meaning you will need to adjust them regularly. Many solar powered watches do not require the use of disposable batteries so you don’t have to worry about buying and changing over batteries, however they are usually pricier to buy.

As you can see there are several aspects to consider when shopping for a watch. Having a clear picture of your personal requirements can make the shopping process much easier.

Kim Heit is a staff writer for BluePromoCode.

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  1. In my opinion a watch symbolizes the personality of a man. So one should choose it with their choice, consulting with many people mostly yields no results and as it falls under the jewellery category, So it's better to consult some expert as well.

    1. Your comment is highly appreciated. Consulting experts can help and a friend might happen to be an expert.