Collar Stay on Shirts

When it comes to collar stay, i see it as a necessity on shirt especially formal shirts. If i am to choose between a button down collar shirt or a shirt with a collar stay, i will definitely go for a shirt with collar stay. It ensures that your collar remains wrinkle free and looking at it's best. Also, saves you time in buttoning down
your collar.

Keep your dress shirts in good taste by ensuring the collar is kept straight and flat using a collar stay. Collar stays ensures that the collar lies flat against the collarbone looking crisp and remaining in the correct place.

Two types of collar stays can do the job
Removable collar stay
These are typically a piece of plastic that goes underneath the dress shirt collar after washing and ironing. The issue is they can get lost! But you can always replace them. Plastic stays tend to bend with time; metals stays don't have this problem.

Sewn in collar stay
You don't need to remove them after every wash and ironing. Although, they tend to curl over time causing shape malformation of the collar but you are not going to wear the shirt forever...

Nonetheless, they are valuable in keeping your dress shirts collar in shape.
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